Five Warning Signs that You Need New Tyres!

Your tyres are what keep your vehicle in touch with the road, and they should always be in the best condition that you can afford – and you should actively work to keep them that way by adhering to the speed limit, keeping them inflated correctly, and ensuring that they are aligned and balanced at every service. But if you notice any one of these five signs, replace your tyres promptly!

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Bulges in the Sidewall

Weaknesses in the rubber of the tyres or failure of the radial belts can cause blisters and bulges in the sidewall of your tyre. As the tyres are built to support the weight of the whole vehicle between them, any visible damage to the tyres is a very bad sign indeed, and your tyres could fail catastrophically at any moment.

Slow Puncture

If you are constantly finding one tyre is leaking air and needing to be topped off daily, then you have a slow puncture. Once these start forming, you will get more and more of them, even if you patch the punctures. This is because the integrity of the tyre has become compromised and it will be vulnerable to knocks, bumps, sharp stones and more.

Cracks or Cuts

Cracks or cuts are usually easy to spot, and if they do not cause the tyres to deflate you might assume that they are not too serious. However, any sign of damage is not a good sign, and you should consult your mechanic or tyre specialist with some urgency.

Tread Depth

Legal tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm – from a starting thickness of about 8mm – and it is illegal to drive on tyres that are balder than this. Take your car off the road as soon as you see the depth is below the legal level, and make arrangements to get new tyres as soon as you possibly can.

Funny Noises

If your previously quietish tyres suddenly start making odd noises: screaming as you turn corners, whistling or whooshing sounds, or even a louder than expected rumbling on roads which are usually quiet drives, this can be a sign of impending damage and you should seek assistance immediately.

A final point is age. Even if your tyres are in immaculate condition, if they are ten years old they should be replaced. This is simply because of their age which can compromise the integrity of the rubber. Buy tyres online for maximum convenience and to get you back on the road asap! One recommendation would be to shop quality car tyres online at Dartford Tyres.


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