How to Pass the DMV Written Test the First Time

Are you excited to finally get your own driver’s license? There are several hurdles that you need to get through first. One of the main requirements is passing your state’s DMV written test. 

If you are a first timer, do not make the mistakes that other first timers have made. Many first takers fail the test because they did not prepare for it. They took it for granted and were complacent about it. Never assume that the test is going to be easy. 

Don’t worry. We are here to help. Here are some important things to do so you’ll pass the test on the first try. 

1. Get and study the DMV handbook.

This handbook is your primary source material. Make sure that you read the DMV handbook of your state, as traffic laws and rules vary in different states. Get a copy from your local DMV or at their website. Study relevant  topics such as driving rules, road rules, traffic laws, and road signs, among others. No need to study everything. Just familiarize yourself with the laws. 

2.Search for and take practice tests online.

The best way to measure what you know after reading the DMV handbook is by taking a practice test. You can easily find an online DMV theoretical test. Just make sure that the test pertains to the state you’re taking the actual exam at.

3.Read more materials.

There are other materials available aside from your DMV handbook. Seek proper guidance especially on topics that you don’t fully grasp. Get helpful tips, sample questions, and other study materials.

4. Study.

If there are topics you are not yet familiar with, read those topics again. Go back and forth. Don’t settle for one or two readings. Study the materials and try to retain as much information as you can. Narrow your attention to more important topics. Make more effort on topics that you are struggling with. However, you must also not be complacent about those which you already know. 

5. Relax and rest.

Do not push yourself too hard to the point that you’re not getting enough sleep and rest. Before taking the exam, make sure that you sleep well and eat a hearty breakfast. Energize yourself and condition yourself physically and mentally. Take some proper rest.

6. Don’t panic and have faith in yourself.

When you have fully prepared and studied enough, the best thing for you to do is just answer the questions as best as you can. During the actual test, try to relax. Panicking does you no good, as it can cloud your mind. If you feel like you don’t know the answer, take a deep breath and relax. The answer will come. If you are really not sure, just trust your instincts. 

7. Stay positive.

Staying positive leads to positive results. Don’t let negativity distract you. You have come this far. All your hardwork will pay off.

Why take the exam the second or third time when you can ace it on the first try? Make use of these tips to guide you in preparing for and taking the DMV written test.


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