Four Areas That Will Help You Stay In Your Car Shopping Budget

If you are thinking about buying a car it can be very easy to get drawn into the new designs and features and overspend when you don’t need to. However, there are a few tips below that could help you to stay within your budget when you are next car shopping. 

Set A Realistic Budget And Stick To It

This is often the most difficult part for buyers, however, it is important if you don’t want to spend more than you can afford on your next car. It’s best for you to set a budget and then make sure you stick to it. If you are someone who is swayed by extra features then a set budget can really help you to remain clear about what you really need in your new car. Make sure when searching online, you’re not tempted to widen the search parameters to include any cars above your set budget. 

Look At the Total Price, Not Base Price

One of the most common mistakes that car shoppers make is that they look at the base price of the car and not the total cost. This is a mistake that happens because people forget that they need to add the potential extras that they want when they are purchasing a car off the line. You have to remember that you may need to upgrade your wheels, your seats, your lights, your speakers, add a satnav, etc. If these are essentials to you then you need to include them in the cost from the beginning. 

Think About What You Really Need 

Heated seats or a refrigerated glove box may seem like a great feature, but do you really need them? Especially if they are going to add a large lump sum to the overall price. Before you start to research your next car, have a think about what you really need in your new car. Are you looking for a family car and need to ensure you have the right amount of seats and Isofix? Or do you need to have a car with a satnav because you travel and aren’t great with directions? You may also want to make a list of any features that would be ‘nice’ to include, especially when looking at used carsIf the car you find has any of these and sits in your budget then you are getting more for your money. 

Think About The Total price Not The Payment

This is another great tip when you are looking to stay within a budget. Don’t focus on the monthly payment. The payment terms and amount can be very distracting. It can be very easy to get confused by the down payment, and other factors that send you right over your monthly budget without you even releasing it. Instead of focusing on the payment, you need to think about the total price. This applies even more if you have bad credit. You can end up paying a huge amount back, sometimes even double the original price of the car. 

This short guide should help you to focus and stay within budget when shopping for your next car. Do you have any other tips that are useful? Please share them in the comments below. 


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