Car Product Review: CHIPEX Miracle Detailer and Uber Super Car Shampoo

There are, quite rightly, so many options when shopping for products to wash your car. It is a bit of a minefield really, as some options can be ridiculously expensive and still leave you a bit deflated.

This is why we were so keen to try out the new ‘Uber Super Concentrate Car Shampoo‘ and the ‘Miracle Detailer’ (gloss finish) from CHIPEX. I decided to try it out on my car, and see whether CHIPEX can really do what it promises. Check out our video.


Car Shampoo (retails at circa £12.95)

Miracle Detailer (retails at circa £12.95)

We at My Car Heaven are mightily impressed with both of these products. Firstly the shampoo was nice and frothy, and it’s always reassuring to see the bucket filling up nicely with a nice amount of bubbles culminating.

Upon application, it immediately felt consistent and in a strange way quite strong. It felt premium and it performed strongly here too. You only need a small amount of the product, so be careful not to put too much in as you’ll just end up wasting it.

After a quick rinse off of the shampoo, I moved on to the Miracle Detailer ‘high gloss finish’ wax. The packaging promises a ‘factory finish’ and ‘high gloss finish’. Pretty high standards to promise if we’re honest. Well it didn’t disappoint.

The advice is to SPRAY. WIPE. WAIT. Immediately it was simple to wipe, in a circular motion of course, and gave an almost immediate high gloss finish that many other products simply fail to provide.

The Verdict

Retailing at £12.95, this product is priced slightly premium, but it backs up it’s promise and delivers a consistent clean and sheen.

The packaging also recommends this product for cleaning not only the bodywork, but also the alloys and the windows. We tried this and it gave instant results, which we were delighted with. Bold claims, but backed up first class, which makes the these CHIPEX products even more worth their price tag.

A big thumbs up from My Car Heaven. A solid 9/10.

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