The Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

Here’s a great video we came across on YouTube by Harry’s Garage.

Gordon Murray takes Harry round the GMA T.50 and explains why he decided to launch this new supercar now, which he sees as the rightful successor to the mighty McLaren F1.

With a bespoke 3.9 litre Cosworth V12 that pumps out 663bhp at an incredible 11,500 rpm and weighing only 986kg at the kerb, performance is going to be astonishing. Yet there’s enough luggage space to make this a usable GT.

The T.50 looks to be a truly amazing new supercar. Like the McLaren F1, Gordon Murray’s new car, the T. 50, has a naturally aspirated V12 and three seats. It also has a manual transmission and a giant fan on the back to generate downforce.

Production is limited to just 100 cars and each will cost around £2.83 ($3.64 million), and should be ready for it’s owners by 2022.


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