Choosing the best interior & cover for your car.

Which covers are better to choose

The interior of a premium or economy car should look well-groomed and tidy. The interior of the car is the face of the owner. Before buying covers, all car owners are wondering which one is better to buy. After all, the choice is simply huge! Having studied the statistics of popular covers on the site, we have written this article for you.

Learn more about the causes of car seat wear and the function of car seat covers here. In addition to a pleasant appearance, I want the covers to serve for a long time, to be comfortable for the driver and passengers. In this case, there is no definite answer – what is good and what is bad. Each type of fabric and type of combination has its own advantages and disadvantages. All you need is to decide what is more important to you: practicality, ease of maintenance, beautiful appearance, budget purchase. What you are willing to put up with and what not. And most importantly, for each parameter – we have the best option for car seat covers. Now we are talking exclusively about model cases, not universal cases. For correct operation of the airbags, a weakened seam is used in the covers.

Economy option: covers made of auto fabric

For the money – relatively budget. Practicality will please too. Strong and durable material is used for manufacturing. For example, the manufacturer EMC-Elegant in the EMC-Elegant Classic EUR model uses a textured multi-layer autofabric of European origin, creating the effect of a three-dimensional pattern. It is dense, but at the same time it allows air to pass through well. Seams are sewn with heavy duty thread for added strength. Auto fabric is easy to clean – the covers can be washed in the washing machine. After washing, do not wring out, but simply unfold and let dry naturally without direct sunlight

Eco-leather covers

The eco-leather interior is a confident expression of individuality. Many of us dream of a black leather interior. Well, leather, not leather – try to distinguish it by sight, but the price is quite affordable. As we said above, the material is environmentally friendly and breathable. Eco-leather does not require special care. In most cases, you only need a damp cloth or rag. The most popular model of these covers is the AVto-AMbition Arigon. It has an average price, laconic design and high quality eco-leather. In addition, the most popular shades are available by color scheme. For the black side, you can choose a centerpiece in gray, beige, red or blue. Or order completely in black.

The combination of Alcantara with eco-leather

Externally and to the touch, Alcantara is difficult to distinguish from natural suede. In addition to pleasant sensations, this material is not inferior in terms of wear resistance. For convenience and comfort, Alcantara in the covers goes to the landing part, and eco-leather on the sidewalls. In this way, it is kept warm in winter and the driver feels comfortable. And in summer, the fabric does not overheat. In general, these car covers are easy to maintain and can be easily cleaned of dust with a soft brush or dry cotton cloth. Once a month, you can damp with a cloth and neutral soap solution.


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