Drive A Company Car? Why You Should Ask Your Boss For A Fuel Card

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Recommending fuel cards to your boss could put you in line for a promotion. They are an opportunity to show your business acumen and get yourself noticed. Opinions mean a lot in the world of business, and putting your stamp of approval on a universal saver is a safe bet.

The benefits of a fuel card often fly under your boss’s radar. In the face of it, they are credit cards restricted to fuel payments. A simple function that disregards what amazing ease of life tools they are, for employer and employee. Fuel cards are a Swiss army knife, ready to streamline admin tasks and save money — all with the swipe of a chip and pin.

Here are some amazing reasons why you should ask for a fuel card and why your boss should listen to you.

Make sure you pick the right card

Firstly, approaching your boss with a neat idea is great. But handing over a comprehensive pitch is even better. Such research and dedication fortify your thinking, requiring heavier consideration from your peers.

Recommending a fuel card is no different. There are hundreds of choices, each card comes with its own set of features, unique from the next.  Before anything else, you must do your research and find the card which best suits your needs

Should your company require international travel: the Allstar fuel card offers links to thousands of garages across the world. Then again, if fleet management concerns you: the BP fuel card provides great tracking software. Comparison sites like iCompario are your best bet in understanding the ins and outs of fuel card offers. And in doing so, your boss will appreciate the extra effort.

It’s a way of saving money

The potential to save money is in the DNA of all fuel cards. Versatility is the name of the game, providing a mix of overall accessibility and raw data. These inherent byproducts allow you to save money on a daily basis and provide your boss with insights to streamline business operations.

For you, the room for saving is simple: no more cash. By using a fuel card, you are effectively going cashless, and the company will be charged directly from the plastic. Meaning you don’t have to foot the bill and wait for travel expenses to be returned. 

Ultimately your boss will be paying for the fuel. So at the top, savings are more compelling. Fuel rates constantly fluctuate in line with the economy; regardless if prices are low or high, the threat of uncertainty is a financial nightmare. Fuel card providers traditionally negotiate a set fee, often at a discounted rate to current fuel costs. Thus, your boss will be able to stabilize outgoings and focus their efforts on more pressing issues.

It’s a way of promoting efficiency

What do you love about your job? I’m willing to bet admin tasks didn’t make the list. Yet admin is a necessity, as much as it’s universally hated. The objective of management is to reduce mundane tasks to bare essentials. And fuel cards are a great way to lighten the load.

Using fuel cards eliminates the need for you to hoard receipts in the glove box. And the hours spent recording transactions and cross-referencing fees can be freed on other tasks.

Better yet fuel cards are a dream for your boss. As the hours spent on accountancy can be greatly reduced. Following every transaction, fuel cards record an HMRC approved invoice, ready to put in a tax report.

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Fuel cards are a win-win for both employer and employee. So ready your elevator pitch and wow your boss next time you bump into each other.  But remember to come with a card already in mind, it’s the little touches that make you memorable.


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