Saving money on your motor during lockdown

The coronavirus has had a significant effect on everyone’s daily lives. No on knows what is going to happen next week let alone next month. We have experts saying we’ll be in lockdown for 3-6 months, some believe our way of life will not go back to normal until 2021, others believe by September we will have a vaccination to protect us against this virus. We are unaware of how long this virus will last, many of us have lost our jobs, had our hours reduced or we’ve been placed on furlough. Now not only do we worry about our health and that of our families, but we are also worrying about how to pay the mortgage and how to put food on the table. Here at My Car Heaven we have looked into the many ways you can save money on your motors during this lockdown period. We welcome any other suggestions which may help our readers save a few pennies over the coming months, leave your comments below!

  1. Complete a Statutory Off Road Notification for your car–

As many of us aren’t using our cars during this lockdown period we should consider registering it as ‘off the road’. By registering your car as ‘Off the road’ you will not need to pay insurance or tax on this vehicle, the longer this lockdown continues you could save yourself a lot of money. To do this, you’ll need to issue the DVLA with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN). You’ll get a refund for any full months of car tax you’ve already paid for, and you won’t need to pay car tax until you register your car as back on the road. Remember that once this lockdown period is over and you decide to get your car back on the road, you’ll need to make sure to insure and tax the vehicle. You’ll also need to ensure the car has an up to date MOT. These are all legal requirements for having a car on the road in the UK.

2. Switch to monthly car tax payments

If like me, you still need your car to do your weekly shop and therefore are unable to register your car as ‘off the road’ maybe consider a switch to monthly direct debit payments to spread the cost.

3. Update your car insurance policy

When I insured my car last month, I declared my annual mileage as 15,000 miles which was reflected in the amount I pay per month. As this lockdown is expected to continue for a few months, I’ve contacted my insurance provider to amend this figure in correspondence with the number of months we will not be driving. You might also want to change the status from ‘commuting to single place of work’ to ‘social only’ as this could bring down the premium. Any changes will be reflected in the price of your policy, and you could receive a refund for the difference.

Just make sure to update your policy again when you go back to regular driving.

4. Pause any unnecessary work

Unless you’re a key worker and you’re required to drive to and from work every day, it isn’t recommended that you take your car for a service or for repairs. The lockdown rules state you are only to leave your house to go to your essential food shop, to drive to and from work (if you’re unable to work from home) and for medical purposes. Therefore, unless absolutely necessary your car servicing or MOT can wait until the lockdown is lifted and finances return to normal again – which will ultimately help you save money!

Cars are an expensive undertaking, especially if you’re lucky enough to own more than one. Saving money on your cars running costs is always important, but it’s become a higher priority for most people as experts warn of widespread job losses. We hope these tips above have helped, leave any comments or advice below.


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