Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Most people do not prepare for an accident, hence the name. Despite the fact that most of us are involved in at least one car accident over the course of our lifetime, when it happens, we are often left wondering what to do during the worst of times when injuries and lost time from work cause stress and worry. While it is hopeful you won’t need this information, it’s better to prepare yourself with the knowledge and never use it than to be without information that can change the course of events. Follow The steps on the list below after a car accident and reduce the potential devastation the incident crates in your life.

Get Medical Help

Call 9-1-1 if anyone involved in the accident sustains life-threatening injuries. Do not hesitate to get anyone that needs help to the nearest hospital emergency room at once. Anyone who sustains less serious injuries should wait for law enforcement to arrive to give them the green light to leave the accident scene, since leaving the scene of an accident is a crime that can land you in jail. You certainly want to avoid the need for a car accident attorney and a criminal lawyer for the same event.

Contact the Police

If no one sustains life-threatening injuries, call the police. An officer will come to the scene of the accident and document information and evidence that may be important later, especially in the event you need to talk to a car accident lawyer. Failure to report an automobile accident may also be a crime.

Exchange Information

Exchange pertinent information with the other driver involved in the accident. Details such as name, insurance company name and policy number are vital in filing a claim after the accident. Although law enforcement may gather this information, it’s best to get it yourself when possible.

Stay Quiet

Many emotions run over you after an auto accident, but one thing you should never do is allow those emotions to cause you to say something you may later regret. Never admit guilt or make other incriminating statements to police or others at the scene. This information may unintentionally be used against you later.

Talk to Witnesses

Talk to anyone at the scene who may have witnessed the accident. Get written statements from these people when possible. Witness statements are extremely helpful in the event you file a lawsuit later. A personal injury lawyer will appreciate a client who goes the extra mile to ease their work while benefiting their own case!

Document Accident Details

Do not rely on your memory for important details concerning the accident. You’ll likely forget small details that make a big difference in the aftermath of the accident. Jot down all of the important information now so relying on your memory is never necessary. Once medical treatments begin, take notes of information the doctor provides and other important facts that may benefit the matter later.

Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer

Not every car accident warrants a lawyer, however, you shouldn’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with a car accident attorney to learn your rights and if filing a lawsuit is beneficial in your case. There is no fee to sit down with an attorney for a consultation to learn your rights and begin the justice process.

Many injuries do not appear until weeks or months after the accident. You may not initially realize the extent of the damages to your property. Do not allow such things to stop you from getting money that you may be entitled to. With the help and expertise of an attorney, your no-fault accident will not turn your life upside down. He’ll fight to get compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, punitive damages, and more.


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