Our Postcard from the 2019 Classic Motor Show

I started writing this postcard the day after the show and got sidetracked with life and other demands, so late, late, late.  Sorry, but as they say better late than never.

Anyway, another Classic Motor Show has come and gone, and what a show 2019 was.  The Classic Motor Show never fails to disappoint, the only disappointment is that another year goes by and I did not buy a car there.  I know that I will buy a car at the show one day, when funds allow and I see that right car within my grasp.  The top car at the show in my opinion was this stunning one-off 1939 Bentley 4 1/4 MX Chassis. Embiricos style fastback (below). Price?  An eye watering £796k.


Then the action man in me wanted this…

Yes, you James Bond fans will recognise this Land Rover from the movie Spectre.  Priced at £55k I was tempted, but then realised my garage doors were not tall enough and I’m not brave enough to leave a £55k car out in the elements 24/7.

Now I’d like to say firstly, if you went to the show and you paid for your tickets, doh, you should have entered our competition, and you may have won a pair of complimentary tickets on us.  To make sure that you do not miss out next year sign up to our newsletter, so you’re informed when we post a new competition.


The show seemed massive, way bigger than any year I remember.  I did not even make it around the whole event, very unlike me.  Did not find the Wheeler Dealers stage or any of the live shows.

Silverstone Auctions were there again and had some great cars for sale, the car that caught my eye for the price was this Ferrari F430 for sale only at £60-70k list, that’s a lot of car for the money.

All in all a great event, and a good one to see out the year.  We can’t wait for 2020’s car shows and the Classic Motor Show will definitely be on our list of events not to be missed.

Check out our Top 10 Cars from the 2019 Classic Motor Show.


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