The Real Stig. A fan video, kitesurfer Stig Hoefnagel vs The Stig in a Ferrari 458

Here’s a fun video we came across by The Stoke Farm, so we thought we’d share with you.  It’s old school Top Gear vibes with Jeremey Clarkson and The Stig.  This short film was shot in the Netherlands.  The Real Stig is a fan video, kitesurfer Stig Hoefnagel vs The Stig in a Ferrari 458

The makers came up with the idea for this video when they met a professional Dutch kiteboarder by the name of Stig Hoefnagel. A pretty interesting name, and as he is a very skilled rider, so they decided to put him to a test against the legendary figure from Top Gear: the Stig. UK’s Darren Altman provided the voice-over as Jeremy Clarkson.  Enjoy.


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