Postcard from the 2019 Donington Historic Festival

Lets start by saying the Donington Historic Festival is an event for the true classic car and classic motorsport fan.  It’s a moving and active appreciation of cars and motorsport, and we love that, which is why we’ve attended every event so far.

2019 was a blast.  It was good to see some improved facilities, notably they’d changed the central building into a major new restaurant, bar and café.  This being at the heart of the venue, makes good commercial sense, and we eat there twice, so it works.  If they keep developing the site, then more and more visitors will come, as will great events.

There were great classic cars and motor sport vehicles everywhere you looked, just how we love it, and there was a small selection of shops selling bits, but our favourite of all the non-racing action was talking to Mr PopBangColour – Ian Cook, who was there painting in his very unique (and cool, in our opinion) way.  At this event he was painting Shmee150‘s McLaren Senna (below).

Amazing work hey?  I’m so very tempted to get one of my cars done, and to have an original work by Ian, I’ll just have to get those funds together to allow me to do that.  Anyway…back to the Donington Historic Festival….

We went on the Sunday, we normally do, as we love watching those 1960s GT racing cars, our favourite being the Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta (below), shame it never wins, but it certainly looks the best.

Anyway, it was a great event.  Highly recommended by us.  Never too busy, and all the drivers are happy to talk to you and for you to walk around the cars.

Well done organisers and racers.


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