True Prestige in Automobile Manufacturing

There are many makes of car that are commonly classed as prestige, but what really sets them apart? A prestigious brand earns this title through dedication and commitment to excellence at every step of the manufacturing process, not an easy, or achievable, a daunting task for many automobile companies.

Here we will look at how some of the most prestigious automotive companies operating today achieved the title, and answer the question, “what does prestige mean?”



Despite the company’s humble beginnings manufacturing tractors, Lamborghini today is best known for their range of exclusive – sometimes slightly bonkers – supercars. The cars themselves are assembled by hand, meaning the standard to which they are built is much greater than cars assembled by robots. In fact, there are only two robots on the Lamborghini production line and these are only there to do heavy lifting work impossible for people.

The materials Lamborghinis are built from are all specialised and designed to be of the highest quality while maintaining performance. Thanks to its carbon fibre, titanium and Carbitanium – a specialist mix of the two former materials – these super-powered supercars can reach speeds other road cars could never hope to match.

Once each car is assembled, it enters a special booth which replicates an array of different lighting conditions to ensure the colour of the leather and upholstery is uniform no matter what the lighting.

In addition to the specialised materials used to build Lamborghinis, there are only a limited number of each model produced. In the case of the 2013 Veneno, only three customer cars were ever produced.

Lamborghini maintains its prestige through its excellence craftsmanship, obsessive attention to detail, futuristic materials and exclusivity.



Synonymous with prestige, Ferrari has spent decades building a reputation as winners. With over 200 Formula One victories under their seatbelts, the brand has come to represent quality and craftsmanship, and have proven time and time again they deserve their prestigious reputation.

It’s not only their penchant for excellence on the racetrack that’s helped secure their place amongst the automobile elite. The time and artistry that goes into creating each and every one of their road cars is not easily matched.

Ferrari builds fewer than 7,000 cars each year in their state-of-the-art factory in Maranello, Italy. Each component is subjected to strict quality checks at every stage, and 10% of parts receive an x-ray inspection. The main aim of the Ferrari factory is not quantity, but quality and quality takes time. With a limited number of cars created each year and the dedication that goes into building them, Ferrari is known as one of the most prestigious automotive brands in the world.


Aston Martin

The car of choice for the world’s best-known spy, Aston Martin’s tagline is “Power, Beauty, and Soul.” This association with 007 may have increased the cars prestigious aura, but these cars have always been classed as more than a few steps above the norm.

The Aston Martin is a British icon. As befitting a cultural icon, the level of craftsmanship that goes into creating each and every one is stunning. The build process for each car is 200 hours, and at the end of production each vehicle is inspected meticulously – the CEO has been known to undertake inspections himself.

The leather of the seats is stitched together by tailors who are sometimes third-generation workers who learnt their craft from their fathers. Each component faces scrutiny before it is allowed to take its place in the car. Such is the level of skill and dedication put into each car, customers are welcome to visit the factory and view their seven-figure purchase being lovingly put together by hand.

These cars aren’t called supercars for nothing. Each one is built to the highest standards using the best materials available and assembled by craftspeople who take pride in their work. This, mixed with exclusivity and the reputation of the brand is what makes these cars truly prestigious.



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