Redex: The Test. 2 Months of Testing. Our Update and Conclusion

Here’s our follow up from our previous three articles, should you want to read the storyline:

Redex: Does it work? A review over 3 months.

Redex: The test. The starting point.

Redex: The Test. 1 Month of Testing.  Our Update.

Now we have 2 months of testing the Redex products.

As a reminder, I have been running the trial in my beloved, and very cool (in my opinion) 1970 Lancia Flavia Coupe 2000 (below).  I chose this car, rather than newer cars from the 2000s, as I thought I’d notice more.  The Lancia has done circa 86,000 miles, and I’m not sure if in its past that it has had the use of such products as Redex, so it could only be a benefit in my opinion.

We’ve been trialling Redex ‘Advanced Fuel System Clean Up’ at the start of the trial and then Redex ‘Petrol System Cleaner’ with every fuel top up since.  We’ve now topped up the fuel 4 times, so used Redex ‘Petrol System Cleaner’ 4 times.  What have we seen?

The results

We started the test with an MPG of 19.1 mpg, and 1 month in, having added Redex ‘Advanced Fuel System Clean Up’ to the petrol tank at the beginning of the test, and now having used four Redex ‘Petrol System Cleaner’ bottles, over a seven week period, we have improved the MPG to 20.4 after 4 weeks, and to 20.7 after 7 weeks.  I think that’s a great result.

What I can’t see

I feel that the two Redex products have helped the car.  Of course this is not a scientific test, so it is a feeling, and maybe some of that feeling is just the positive want for the products to improve the car.  We all want our cars in the best of health, don’t we.

In my opinion the car starts a little easier, sounds a little better, and performs a little better, and we know the MPG is better.  All in all we are happy.

In Summary

A big thumbs up from us.  The MPG has improved slightly, and I feel the car is healthier, so all in all that’s a positive result, so I’m very happy to recommend the use of both these Redex products.

Redex ‘Advanced Fuel System Clean Up’ and Redex ‘Petrol System Cleaner’.  For the money it costs to buy these products, it’s a no brainer to use them regularly.

Remember we tested the Petrol versions of these products.  A one-shot Redex treatment is available for diesels and hybrids too, and costs around £3.


If you have any questions about this trial of the use of the products, feel free to drop me a question below in the comments section.  If you’ve used these products, what did you think?  What were your results?

You can join the Redex Club on Facebook here.



Enjoy that driving…


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