New London Supercar Show for May 2019

So an all new event has been announced, and we spoke to the organisers last week.  Here’s what the London Supercar Show is all about…

In summary is will be:

  • A two-day celebration of supercar culture;
  • Featuring “The Strip” – the classic standing ¼-mile challenge for supercar owners and dealer demonstrations; and
  • A unique combination of live action, high-quality exhibitors, displays from world-renowned marques and presentations from industry specialists.

The London Supercar Show ‘Live’, is scheduled for Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May 2019 at the historic Blackbushe aerodrome.

With a dealer exhibition, test drive opportunities, car displays, Best in Show competition and live-action on The Strip, this new event aims to bring a unique, high-octane dynamic to the traditional supercar show format.  Due to attract an outstanding portfolio of exhibitors, the event features the ‘Supercar Showroom’ – a space for dealers, distributors and the aftermarket industry to display their cars, engage with new customers and entertain existing clients in a relaxed yet exciting environment.

Uniquely, supercar owners will be given the opportunity to enter their cars for demonstration runs on The Strip over the weekend, displaying to fellow enthusiasts what the world’s most powerful modern supercars are capable of when they blast up the classic quarter-mile strip from a standing start.

Exceptional supercar displays are also planned, with owners invited to enter their cars into the Best in Show event. This is not a concours, more a celebration of the supercar culture, with emphasis on styling, colour scheme, detail, specification and drama – the hallmarks of great supercars.  Sounds very cool to me.

“The concept for The London Supercar Show ‘Live’ is to provide the perfect platform for supercar owners, dealers, the aftermarket industry and enthusiasts to share their passion and combine the excitement of live, high performance demonstrations together with a business environment where people can seek out their next upgrade, accessory or car purchase”, says Tony Robinson, the show’s founder. “This will be the dream destination for the trade, owners, enthusiasts and spectators alike.”

Blackbushe has a rich history of hosting automotive events and, being only a few minutes from the M25, is easily accessible to anyone living in the south of England. The runway is exceptionally wide at 45 metres and particularly smooth, making it the perfect venue for The Strip element of the event.

“It is important to note that this is not a competitive motorsport event. Rather, it is intended to be an entertaining activity where drivers can indulge in the supercar experience in complete safety”, says Ian Berry, the event director. “Unlike a trackday, running on The Strip will not be hard on the cars, but will allow supercar owners and dealers to experience and demonstrate the pure unbridled performance of their cars in a safe environment.”

We are delighted to inform you that we will be running a competition for you our readers to win a pair of tickets to this new supercar event.  Keep a watch out over the coming weeks, here, by following us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter.  You can also check out our competitions page here, and I suggest a look every 2-3 weeks is a must.


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2 comments on "New London Supercar Show for May 2019"

  • Will Wynn says:

    Hi Andrea,

    I’ve just learned that the event will not be going ahead. Doh!

    This is what the organisers had to say: “Dear Will,

    Following an intensive week (commencing Monday 29 January) of examining our position in relation to regulations for straight-line motorsport, we have reluctantly decided to cancel the Blackbushe event originally planned for this May.

    Most critically, what has come to light is that many of the supercars that we had expected to see running The Strip would be required to have an approved rally standard roll cage. This regulation seemingly applies to vehicles that are capable of 10.5 seconds or better for a standing quarter mile. Therefore many Ferraris, Lamborghinis and McLarens – let alone much faster supercars – would require modifications that would be unacceptable to most supercar participants.

    This and other matters that have come to light leave us with no alternative than to cancel the event. Our ambition had been to run a ‘live’ event as opposed to a static display of supercars. However, safety and compliance with regulations have always been paramount and the use of a non-motorsport venue has added to the complexities.


    Tony Robinson
    CEO and Show Founder”

  • Andrea says:

    Where can I buy tickets from please?

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