Is Your Car One Of The Most Reliable?

Buying a car is a pretty big deal. After all, it’s such a large purchase, so you’ll need to make sure that you are buying a good brand and model. If you don’t, then you might end up spending a lot on mechanic bills and other kinds of maintenance.  Not only that, though, but you’ll also want to make sure that your car is easy to handle and has good driveability.  If not, then you might not enjoy getting behind the steering wheel, especially for longer journeys.

Thankfully, it’s easy to figure out whether a car will be a good purchase or not just by looking at its make.  Some car makes are a lot more reliable than others. How do you think your vehicle does in the reliability stakes? Well, here are some of the most reliable and reputable car marques out there.


Land Rover

The Land Rover Brand has struggled over the past few years as it has been really badly hit by the recession and other economic difficulties. However, nothing has seemed to topple this highly esteemed make just yet, and that’s probably because its vehicles are so reliable. They make some of the best four-wheeled cars out there, so are perfect for those who live in very rural areas. They have also become renowned for making fantastic family cars as there is so much room in all their vehicles.



Even though the Skoda brand was once ridiculed for their poor quality cars, they have been able to turn that around quite impressively in recent years. In fact, you just have to look at the Skoda Fabia to see how great their most recent vehicles have been. Not only do they look super stylish, but they are also great to drive thanks to just how easy it is to handle them when you are out on the road.



Do you like to get off the beaten track, but think that Land Rovers are a bit too pricey for your budget?  If so, then the Mazda brand is the brand for you. They offer a great range of vehicles, so you will no doubt be able to find one that suits your needs.  They drive well, too, and keep you in complete control.



“Volkswagen” means “people’s car” in English, and there is no wonder why that is. It’s a very popular brand, and one that is highly reliable.  All of the VW cars are great to drive and provide you with plenty of space for kids and luggage.  Even though it has been through its fair share of controversies – remember 2015’s emission test controversy?  VW keeps on bouncing back and proving itself as one of the country’s favourite makes of car.


If your car is one of the ones mentioned above, then you can be happy knowing that you’ve got a very reliable vehicle in your garage.  If you’re thinking about buying a new one, it’s probably best to go for one of the brands above!

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