Land Rover Discovery, Audi Q7 or Volvo XC90?

With a new addition to the family, taking us up to three kids, the wife wanted us to buy a seven seater and understandably she did not want an ugly people carrier. The family every day car being the great Lexus RX400h, which has been exceptional since we purchased it in 2006.  So much so that we have decided to keep this and trade in my also very reliable (but just not me) Lexus IS250.

So, we (I) did our research and concluded that we’d look at the Audi Q7 and Land Rover Discovery. Also, through the process we decided not to dismiss the Volvo XC90, even though I don’t like the thought of being a Volvo owner (the look so boring and so many owners seem to be appalling drivers).


Initial thoughts pre-test drive:

Land Rover Discovery 3


It would be a very safe car for the family.

All the reviews seem to indicate this is “the daddy” and the car to buy if you want a seven seater.

Looks very boxy, will certainly not win any beauty contests.

The family car of choice if you live on a farm or on rough terrain.

Has all the features that you would need.

Very functional interior, more man orientated in my opinion.

Best 4×4.


Audi Q7

It would be a very safe car for the family.

It’s a big car.

it certainly has the best looks.

Audi are well-known for luxury refinement, so the interior should be a nice place to be.

I assumed that the car and interior especially would be more liked by my wife (women generally).

Not sure if the two rear seats would be spacious enough for adults to sit in for a long journey.


Volvo XC90

It would be a very safe car for the family.

It would be practical, but boring.

It is a compromise between the Discovery and Q7 on looks.

Not sure I want a Volvo (sorry Volvo).


Post test drive.

We drove the Land Rover Discovery 3 first.  I knew this would be a strong car, given all the reviews say it’s no.1 in it’s class.  The car drives well, is quiet (for a diesel), has bags of space and the back seats (which was important for us) would easily accommodate adults for a medium to long journey, unless you’re a wearer of elasticated jeans (you now how you are!).  We also liked the feature in the middle seats where passengers have their own headphone input, which they can decide to listen to ipod, CD or radio…pretty cool.

We then moved onto the Audi Q7.  Like everyone,  we had seen them about, and everyone says they are massive, but they are not that big.  They are big when compared to a 1970 Fiat 500, but not so big in today’s car terms.  The drive was good, left in automatic mode.  It was very comfortable as I thought it would be.  The interior is a nicer place to be than the Discovery, especially from a womans perspective.  As you’d expect, the Audi had all the extras you’d expect, and it was the most expensive used car price.

We did not test drive the Volvo, given I’m a man of little time, I (biased I know) don’t really want to be a Volvo owner/ driver and I was happy that my wife wanted the Audi Q&, so I made the offer on the Audi and picked it up this weekend.  Here are few pictures (below), it comes with numerous optional extras from Audi which make a nice and noticeable difference to the look: 21″ double-spoke’ design polished alloy wheels, Off-road styling package (front and rear lower bumper spoilers with stainless steel under-body protection, side door lower protection strips, stainless steel running boards, wheel arch extensions, front bumper protection strips, reshaped exhaust tailpipes) and Audi parking system advanced with corner view.

Next, I will either be swapping the Lexus RX400 or buying a classic car.  Cannot wait.


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2 comments on "Land Rover Discovery, Audi Q7 or Volvo XC90?"

  • Will Wynn says:

    Hi Asha,

    It is a dilemma for sure. Apart from me not wanting to own or be seen in a Volvo (due to the types of people I see driving them, and they all seem to be so bad at driving) we felt the Audi was a nicer place to be. My wife was concerned about the size, however with the parking sensors and reverse parking camera she finds it is as easy if not easier then the car she had before, which was the wonderful Lexus RX400h.

    We’ve had the Q7 for 6 months and no issues whatsoever. For the size of the car we are impressed with how long the tank of fuel lasts and little tyre wear is showing which seemed to be an issue on a few reviews I read when considering the purchase.

    You’ll have to decide for yourself, but some would say it’s better the devil you know, but others would say a change is as good as a rest. Personally my advice is go for the Audi. I’m at peace with it and my wife loves it, that says it all.

    Good luck and I hope this has helped a little.

  • Asha says:

    We having a similar debate…xc90 vs Q7. Are you glad you went for the Q7? We have test driven both cars and definitely preferred the Q7, we are a little biased In that we have owned and driven audis of one type or another for the last 8 years. Feel a little anxious about the sheer size of the car in car parks- I know that the Volvo isn’t that much smaller. Would be interested to hear you thoughts now, several months down the line.

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