Postcard from the 2018 Supercars at the Palace

What a great morning.  Firstly the drive from Berkshire to Blenheim Palace is great, and at 7am, quiet on the roads (bliss).  On our drive we passed two of the cars that made it to our top ten, if the Ferrari F40 and the Jaguar E-Type (Lightweight), very cool cars and hats off to the owners of these cars and all the cars in attendance at Supercars at the Palace 2018.

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This was a great event.  The event is a precursor to the September Blenheim Palace Classic and Supercar event.  It took place only for the morning on Sunday 6th May 2018.  So that was a 6am start for me, so that I could get up there and get the car on display.

Once there I took a walk around all the cars.  Spoke to several of the owners, which is always cool. It was a very cool and relaxed event, and lovely weather.  All set up well, so on arrival I was parked up in the Ferrari area, named Forza Italia.  Once I’d done all the cars, I opened up the car and let loads of kids sit in and dab the pedal and here the Stradale roar.  A few adults could not resist.  I let that go on until I was respectfully asked to turn the engine off and “the Palace” had asked for me to stop.  I politely respected that wish.

All in all a great event, and I’m looking forward to seeing the bigger Blenheim Palace Classic and Supercar event in September.  See you there.


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