Our Top 10 Cars from Supercars at the Palace 2018

What a great morning.  Firstly the drive from Berkshire to Blenheim Palace is great, and at 7am, quiet on the roads (bliss).  On our drive we passed two of the cars that made it to our top ten, if the Ferrari F40 and the Jaguar E-Type (Lightweight), very cool cars and hats off to the owners of these cars and all the cars in attendance at Supercars at the Palace 2018.  Here are our top 10 from the event:


Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale
Beautiful, aggressive, and in Ferrari racing red (Rosso Corsa). Total car awesomeness and we love it. Oh and it’s the loudest Ferrari ever made.  The owner (me) let 100s of people have a sit in and floor the accelerator to experience the delights, until we were told enough fun and the Palace had asked us to stop.  Boo!  Until next time :D.


Aston Martin DB6 Volante
Just beautiful. Just look at it.  A beautiful classic car.  It’s an Aston Martin, it’s a convertible, it’s stunning.  What’s not to love.


McLaren 720S
Beautiful design, beautiful colours. Definitely my car heaven.


Jaguar XJ220
Love this hypercar. A British icon (#proud). Fastest street car ever at one point. Only downer on this one, is that I don’t like the colour.


Ferrari F40
An all-time favourite, so it cannot be ignored. This is how all supercars and hypercars should be.  Not built for comfort, built for speed and driving like you stole it.


Porsche 911 (1972)
Love the styling and colour. Super cool.


Porsche 911 GT
Silver. Bad boy Porsche.


Jaguar E-Type (Lightweight)
Just cool. Period.


Ford Mustang GT500
A beautiful classic car.  What’s not to love?  American muscle at its finest and most desirable.


Porsche 911 GT3 4.0
It’s in on the colour alone. Love the striking colour on cars, and this blue Porsche is cool.

And one for luck.

Such a nice car. Not sure on the specifics, but this old Bentley racer is something else. Anyone know what model it is?

So there you have our Top 10 Cars from the Supercars at the Palace 2018.  Surprisingly not one Lamborghini made it into our top 10, mainly due to none being outlandish enough, and colours being a little unnoticeable (but that says a lot about modern Lambo’s, and all the worse for it in my opinion).  IF you attended, what did I miss?  What was in your top 10.  Thank you to the organisers, the drivers and the Palace.  A great morning, see you next year.


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