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Protecting your cherished car has always been a priority, and with many cars now being keyless, thieves (being persistent) will always work out how to crack them.  In London about half of all car thefts are carried out without the use of any original keys, according to the Metropolitan police. Some drivers have taken to locking the car’s diagnostic port, the socket mechanics – and thieves – plug devices into to gain access to the car’s computer. But it’s not enough: criminals will now remove dashboard panels to reveal circuit boards.

Disklok (1)

The only way to stop them is a mechanical vehicle lock of the sort last seen in widespread use at the height of opportunist car theft and joyriding in the late 1980s and early 1990s. And one of the toughest of the lot is the DisklokThatcham, which does testing for the car insurance industry, recommends only two aftermarket locks for cars — one of which is the Disklok. To win that endorsement, which should be recognised by any car insurer, it must be capable of withstanding a two-minute power-tool attack and a five-minute assault by a thief armed with hand tools.  Now that’s what I call impressive.

The Disklok is a circular steel case that opens up like the mouth of a Pac-Man, closing around the steering wheel and locking in place. It’s simple to fit and to remove and took me about 10 seconds.  Once the Disklok is in place, it spins freely around the steering wheel until the reinforced steel arm hits the windscreen or the driver’s knees, making it extremely difficult to drive the car should a thief get it started. The arm folds away inside the circular case when the Disklok is not in use.

It is available in a limited edition champagne finish, subtle silver or more visible yellow. Part of the appeal of a product such as the Disklok is that it’s a visible deterrent, and in that respect the yellow stands out most.  Each one comes with three keys, which should be kept separate from the lock (obviously).  An optional stretch-fabric cover costs £5 and is a wise choice as it prevents the leather on the steering wheel from being scratched. There’s also a robust carrier bag for the Disklok, with a Velcro underside, which can attach to the boot floor’s carpet, say, or be kept under the front passenger seat.

Prices range from £109.99 to £124.99 depending on the size needed. Most cars require a small or medium size, which fit steering wheels with a diameter of 35cm-39cm and 39cm-41.5cm respectively. A van or motor home may need the large size, which works with 41.5cm-44cm steering wheels.

It’s our opinion that for a relatively small sum (compared to the value of the car) that it’s a no-brainer to have a Disklok in your car.

Other reviews of this product said: = 4/5

They said, “If you drive a car with a keyless entry system, or even an old classic car that could be vulnerable to theft, and have any concerns about security, the Disklok is money well spent.”

AutoExpress = 4/5

They said, “For the ultimate in physical security, look no further than Disklok.”

Halfords =4.4/5

They said, “Disklok Steering Lock (Silver) Small is a great deterrent as it`s hard to remove without the key.”

Amazon = 4.3/5

A customer review said, “I can’t recommend the Disklok enough. You’ll have total peace of mind with this fitted on your steering wheel as you’ll never have your car stolen.”


Here’s a short video if you want to see how easy it is to install/lock and unlock.  It takes only a few seconds I assure you:


Here a few pictures of us opening the product and installing, including taking all the pictures it took me 5 minutes.  You can buy a Disklok or any associated products here.


.Disklok (7)


.Disklok (6)


.Disklok (4)



.Disklok (3)



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3 comments on "Car Security: The Disklok"

  • Aaron says:

    Hi, I’m finding reviews of folks that are still able to steer the car by grabbing the steering wheel through the back opening of Disklok. They literary can still drive around the block. Can you verify this is an existing flaw in Disklok?

  • Will Wynn says:

    Hi Paul, door open I believe. All the best.

  • Paul says:

    Did you fit this with the door open or closed.

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