Top 10 Road Trip Tips

While summer may still feel like an eternity away, that doesn’t mean that you can’t start planning your holidays! For anyone going on a car holiday or road trip this year, take a look at our top 10 tips for making your road trip a happy and memorable one.

Keep Your Car Clean
No one enjoys travelling in dirty cars filled up with junk, so make sure you clean yours before you set off. Keeping it clean throughout the journey will make the rest of the trip much more enjoyable too.

Have A Rough Plan
Creating a rough plan for your trip will make things run much smoother. So plan where to visit and how to get there. Don’t plan too much though, as some spontaneity adds to the fun of the trip.

Pack Emergency Car Kit
You never know what might happen on a road trip, so make sure to pack an emergency kit filled with food, water, clothes, batteries and a first aid kit. For cold weather, also pack a snow brush and a foldable shovel. You’ll thank yourself later when you need it.

Plan Your Stops
Driving tired is a huge no-no, so planning some stops will give you the chance to grab some caffeine and switch drivers. This also gives everyone else the chance to stretch their legs too. Happy passengers will mean less car arguments.

Maintain Your Car
You won’t be able to enjoy your holiday at all if your car keeps breaking down, so make sure your car is roadworthy, and get it all fixed before you set off. Think your car can’t handle a road trip? Have a look at private car leasing  instead. There are hundreds of lease cars to choose from, so you’ll easily find your perfect road trip motor.

Breakdown Service
As much as you might prepare, a car breakdown may happen anyway. Before you set off on your holiday, make sure you’re all signed up for breakdown assistance, just in case the worst does happen.

Music Playlist
No road trip is complete without an accompanying playlist. You can create a playlist specifically for your trip, and pick some tunes that your friends will love and won’t get bored of. Years later when you hear the same songs, they’ll remind you of your epic road trip.

Road Games
Playing a couple of in-car games may seem childish, but they’ll help in times of stress and traffic-jam boredom. Go ahead and play some of the classics like eye-spy, or just create your own.

Pack Light
Getting stuck in the backseat, penned in by suitcases and handbags, is a passenger’s worst nightmare. Packing light will not only give you more room in the car, but it’ll also give you more space to buy gifts and souvenirs.

Take Pictures
What better way to document your trip by taking hundreds of photos? Whether it’s on your phone or with a disposable camera, make sure to capture every moment and stick it in a scrapbook.


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2 comments on "Top 10 Road Trip Tips"

  • Peter says:

    Really enjoyed this read! I’m hoping to embark on a trip soon myself.

  • I’m sure the tips will make a trip become fun with the musics, games and pictures. But it will be more complete with turn on the GPS to avoid getting lost and prepare some snack in car. You could visit our web too, I hope it’ll be helpful.

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