Win a pair of tickets to the 2016 Race Retro

Competition time.

This time we are offering 5 readers the chance to win a pair of tickets to the 2016 Race Retro.  Race Retro is a must attend event for any Rally Driving or Motorsport faRace-Retro-Logon.  You’ll see wonderful cars and be able to get up close to sporting personalities in a very relaxed environment.  It’s very cool.

So get the 2016 motorsport season off to a great start at Race Retro!

Guest celebrities and motorsport legends will be on hand throughout the weekend ensuring enthusiasts are entertained with interviews and anecdotes from the halcyon days of racing.

Race Retro 2013 (110)Invest in a piece of motorsport history, with a visit to the Silverstone Auction sale offering the finest classic cars, modern supercars, all types of competition cars, modern and historic motorcycles and automobilia.

Prefer two-wheeled motorsport?  There will be displays from the UK’s best motorcycle clubs as well as a chance for individual owners to shine in the Pride of Ownership competition.

Visit hundreds of trade stands offering everything you need for the coming season – be it new helmets and race suits, parts and spares for your racing vehicle or more motorsport memorabilia to add to your collection.

To win a pair of tickets tell us what is your favourite motorsport car of all time and why?  Ours is the Ferrai 360 Challenge.  We drove one and to say its out of this world does not do it justice.


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14 comments on "Win a pair of tickets to the 2016 Race Retro"

  • Darren Dean says:

    I would have to go for the Suburu Impreza, hearing that distinctive exhaust note coming through the forest stages, knowing it was on its way before you could see it was enough to give you goosebumps!

  • Graham Lawn says:

    It’s going to have to be the MK1 Lotus Cortina. Seeing the old footage of Jim Clarke driving the wheels of them is a sight to behold. Plus, they look fantastic in both the classic white and green, and the red and gold Alan Mann livery.

  • Bryan Evans says:

    Watching the Metro 6R4 drifting its way through the misty Welsh forests in the hands of Tony Pond with its distinct sound back in 1986 and blowing two huge flames out of those twin exhausts in the dark has stayed with me for life.Sadly the plug was pulled on Group B before this car was fully developed but 30 years on its still winning rallies against much more modern machinery.

  • Patricia Whittaker says:

    McLaren M23. The M23 entered 83 Grand Prix beginning in 1973 and ending in 1977, winning 16 of those Grand Prix. In addition it won two drivers world championships and one constructors titles. This has to be close to one of the greatest F1 cars.
    OH! and the M23 looks and sounds gorgeous too.

  • Robert Dewey says:

    Mk2 Ford Escort
    This archetypal rally car has victories too numerous to count.
    Winning major rallies from 1971 to 1981 this versatile car is still performing well in national, historic and club events to this day.
    I can still remember to this day the distinctive twincam and BDA engine noise reverberating through the welsh forests.

  • Tim Sawyer says:

    Mine has to be the Metro 6R4, the humble little Metro must of been the most unlikely car to become a GroupB rally car even more so with the a rear mounted V6, what a noise it makes, can be heard for ages before you see it and long after its gone past, a very close 2nd has to be a BDA powered Mk1 or 2 Escort

  • Andy Faulkner says:

    Posting my email address from chrome browser as Opera seemed to lose my email address..
    Still the wailing Le Mans winning Matra ms670..I was there..

  • Andy Faulkner says:

    Matra ms670 short-tail that I saw Graham Hill win Le Mans 1972 to complete the triple crown. To see and hear the 3 blue Matras howl past at the start left a lasting impression on this 13 year old lad..And I’m not even French!

  • Chris Clark says:

    Lancia 037 Rally

    A fabulous looking rally car, especially in Martini colours, the last rear wheel drive car to win a round of the World Rally Championship and the car was also driven by my rally hero Henri Toivonen who is being honored with a display at Race Retro this year.

  • Paul Valentine says:

    Audi Sport Quattro – Group B heaven!

  • Brian Ellis says:

    Delorian.. This car was so ahead of its time. And you can go back in time!!

  • A Robertson says:

    Lola T70
    Power, manoeuvrability and lightness

  • Chris Lunn says:

    As a lifelong rally fan, my favourite motorsport car of all time is the Ford Escort MK2 RS1800. Its not the most glamorous machine not like say the Lancia Stratos, however when I’m stood in a forest and the howl of a BDA on full throttle echoes through the trees the hairs on the back of my neck still stand on end. The fact that numerically its still the most popular rally car in the UK and Ireland should go to show there’s not just me that feels the same!

  • Kevin Friend says:

    Mine would be the Porsche Cayman. Why, because of its pure power & gorgeous looks!

  • jo shrew says:

    Maserati 250F as I’m all about Old Skool!

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