Win a pair of tickets to the 2016 Practical Classics Restoration and Classic Car Show

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From rusty wrecks to stunning cars worth a fortune, the Practical Classics Restoration and Classic Car Show, held at Birmingham’s NEC on 5-6 March, has it all with over 700 classics cars on display.

With displays from 120 car clubs, a fantastic line-up of motoring celebrities including Wheeler Dealers’ Mike Brewer and Edd China, and expert advice and demonstrations, it’s a haven for anyone who likes working on their car, especially those thinking of restoring a classic back to its former glory.

You can also see the latest restored cars in the Lancaster Insurance Pride of Ownership display if you are looking for inspiration but if you want to hear how these cars should sound, then take a Dream Ride with our friends from the Sporting Bears.

Dream Rides offer a ten mile ride as a passenger in one of the cars from the Dream Rides Garage in exchange for a donation to charity. The car you chose will determine the size of your donation and with a mix of marques from British Sports to Italian supercars, there will be plenty to choose from.

There will also be the UK’s biggest display of barn finds with the organisers aiming to beat last year’s mix of 25 vehicles, found in various states of repair.

If you are in the market for a project or new classic car, Silverstone Auctions will gather the best the market has to offer while the UK’s best dealers offer classics to suit all depths of pockets.

As well as more classes for novices and masterclasses for those looking to enhance their skills in the Workshop, more special guests on the live stage and more seminars offering expert advice, there’ll also be more traders with marque specific retailers on offer including the UK’s biggest Spring autojumble.

To win a pair of tickets to the 2016 Practical Classics Restoration & Classic Car Show tell us what Classic car you’d cherish above all others and why?


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12 comments on "Win a pair of tickets to the 2016 Practical Classics Restoration and Classic Car Show"

  • Vicky kenderdine says:

    My husband is 50 this year and his favourite car is the Ford Mustang so I would love to win tickets to see him be able to view them and be able to obtain contacts to one day be the owner of one

  • Vicky Kenderdine says:

    Hi my name is vicky and I would love to win a pair of tickets to the show
    It is mainly for my husband who is 50 this year and is set on having a mustang

    I feel this would be the ideal place to be to be in the know on owning one which is a dream of his

    He wants one to cherish and own

  • Alex Collard says:

    Too many cars to consider it’s so tough! I would love an old Mercedes though. I am going to say a Mercedes-Benz 300 SE Cabriolet in black. Why? Partly because my mum owned a old Mercedes (albeit an early 70s one) and I have very fond memories of polishing it (the Red and the Chrome gleamed) as a child and then being cruised about in it – the Southend strip was a common day out :). Partly because I have not owned something of that calibre and it would be nice to.

  • Alan Hall says:

    After seeing the class of cars at the Excel last week. Has given my a real drive for finishing my Morgan restoartion. The pracital restoration classic car show is an ideal venue for helping me complete my project.

  • Will Wynn says:

    Hi Saff,
    Your post brought a smile to my face. Like most of us petrolheads we strive for a dream car so much so that to get near to one we buy something we think is linked, be it cufflinks, a poster, a toy version. I’m also guilty. Given it very unlikely I’ll ever own (I’d happily take a drive) a Ferrari 250 GTO, my wife bought me some cufflinks by GTO that were made from original metal from a Ferrari 250 GTO. How cool (or sad) is that?

    On another note I’d also love a Jaguar E-Type Series 1 in my dream garage. It’s a shame the prices have gone through the roof. I suppose I’ll just have to earn more.

  • Saff Mir says:

    It’ll have to be the Jaguar E-Type for me.

    With stunning looks, that extra large bonnet and (preferably) a V12 engine to match its handsome body, I believe the E-Type beats a lot of the competition hands down.

    Its simple design somehow manages to give it that extra kick that a lot of its competitors simply lack.

    Oh well until the time I can afford one, my silver E-Type cuff links will continue to bring a smile to my face 🙂

  • Ian says:

    This one: Even more than I do now… Hoping for imminent MOT, then can start properly tidying it up

  • sam p says:

    I’d love a Alfa 105 Spider 66. Love that 60s style!

  • Alan O'Donovan says:

    The car I would cherish most is a Karmann Ghia, I’ved owned a Beetle and a Mk1 Golf but the Ghia is the best looking VW ever made. The fact that they made them from the 50s into the 70s, with little change to the general appearance shows what a timeless design it was – much like the 911. Also one of the first cars to offer a sliding steel sunroof. My preference is the Coupe but the car is stunning as a drop top as well.

  • C A Robertson says:

    The vehicle I’d cherish would have to be practical,maintainable (by myself, fair supply of spares and parts) and useable on long distance tours. Appearance is also important,soit has to be an open Jaguar XK120!

  • JOANNA TERRY says:

    I will always Cherish my little Mini, it was the first joint purchase me and my Husband made and after restoring it together we have had 10 years of amazing adventures. Barney is now in need of complete rebuild again and will be taken off the road as soon as my Husband has finished the Morris Minor he is now restoring. We would both love to come to the show for ideas and great deals on tools. Fingers Crossed!

  • Trevor Blunt says:

    The car I cherish most is a Jensen Interceptor, simply because I worked on these cars at Jensen and always hoped to own one some day. Unfortunately I have never been able to afford one but I always get a kick out of talking to Jensen owners at events such as the Practical Classics Restoration Classic Car Show. If I was lucky enough to win two tickets I would also take my old work colleague. Regards Trevor Blunt

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