Postcard from the 2015 Concours of Elegance

Let’s start by saying that the Concours of Elegance is a truly wonderful event.  I travelled by car all the way from London to Edinburgh (via Blenheim Palace and Salon Privé) for the pleasure.  Did I question myself once, hell yeah, but when I arrived on Saturday morning I was so very glad I’d decided to spend 15 hours in the car getting there and back.  concours-of-elegance-logo-clearThe previous three Concours had been exceptional events (you can read our other postcards here), really wonders to behold.  Held in majestic venues, the previous three events had been staged at Windsor Castle, St. James Palace, then Hampton Court.  This years event moved on to the Palace of Holyroodhouse.  A Palace that I’d not actually heard of (embarrassed to say), or visited prior to this event.  I did a tour of the Palace, it was great.  I love a bit of history me.

So, why do I hold this event in such high regard.  Simply there is no other classic car show or car related show in the UK like it.  It is held at venues, that the public would not normally have access to, or certainly not specific parts of those venues for sure.  Then of course there are the cars, oh what cars.

Concours-of-Elegance-2015-Palace of Holyroodhouse-Edinburgh (A) (8)

The cars on show for a seasoned car guy as I think I am, blow my mind.  There are so many one-off cars, bespoke cars and coach built cars, it really is an amazing event, one that has my jaw agape every year.  The organisers and everyone involved must truly be embarassed

I’d never heard of Figoni & Falaschi until a few years ago when I first attended the Windsor Concours of Elegance, but I certainly think they are one of the most exquisite coachbuilders of all time, and I want one of their cars SO MUCH.  It was one of their cars again that blew my mind, and was my personal No.1 favourite at this years event.  Check out the 1939 Delahaye Type 165 Touring Cabriolet Figoni et Falaschi (below).Concours-of-Elegance-2015-Palace of Holyroodhouse-Edinburgh (23)

Check out Our Top Ten cars from the 2015 Concours of Elegance to see some real beauties.

All the cars on show have a real interesting history, maybe they’ve been owned by someone famous, like the Land Rover Series 1 awarded to Winston Churchill (below).  How cool is that?Concours-of-Elegance-2015-Palace of Holyroodhouse-Edinburgh (49)

Been a race winner, like the LeMans winning Jaguar D-Type (below).  How awesome is that?

Concours-of-Elegance-2015-Palace of Holyroodhouse-Edinburgh (2)

Or just be super rare, like the 2015 Touring Superleggera Berlinetta Lusso (below).  This one pictured is the first of five that Touring will build.  How beautiful is that?

Concours-of-Elegance-2015-Palace of Holyroodhouse-Edinburgh (136)

Here’s a selection of other great photos (below) from the day.  All our photos (100s) can be seen on our Concours of Elegance Facebook album.

Well I cannot wait for next year, and I heard through the grapevine it will be held again at the majestic Windsor Castle.  I cannot wait…see you there.


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