The Most Reliable Car I’ve Ever Had

I’ve had quite a few cars in my time, most of which were not remarkable, and until recent years to be fair I’d say nothing to write home about.

The thing is though if you’re a car person you sort of love most of the cars you’ve owned no matter how rubbish others may say they are.  I still remember fondly my lime green Vauxhall Chevette Saloon (I used to call is my Shove it).  Yes lime green (an example below).  It was only my 2nd car (I think), but as Grandad had the smaller hatchback it had a place close in my heart.  Okay, it was rubbish by todays standards, but it was an honest car, not so reliable (from memory), not controlled by computers, just fun for an 18-20 year old lad…freedom and the open road and all that.

Vauxhall Chevette Saloon


Anyway, decades later, I’m married, kids on the way (twins to be precise), I’m doing alright for myself, the car I chose to buy in 2006 was the top of the range Lexus RX 400h.  £42k off the forecourt as an ex-demo car, NICE.  The customer service from the sale through every yearly service since has been impeccable.

In the last month I’ve just passed 100,000 miles, and I kid you not, we’ve yet to date had any mechanical problems/ failures, and I don’t mean like Triggers broom.  Nothing has ever gone wrong with this EPIC car.  Eight years on and the sat nav is still better than most I’ve come across, everything works and it’s as good and reliable as the first day I drove it.  AMAZING.

Okay, the car’s not really me, I mean I like unusual, rare, bespoke cars really, preferably fast or very cool ones and the RX 400h is none of those.  However, its mega reliable, very safe, always got us through bad weather, including 1 ft snow.  The car was great for the kids, with its TVs in the back of the headrests, plenty of room.  The wife loves the heated seats, I love the sound system.

It’s probably a keeper, as I’m struggling to let it go (the hoarder in me).  It’s the car we first brought the kids home from hospital in.  We’ve done so much in this car, it does everything we need from it, it costs so little to run, and it has everything in it that you need, heated seats, sat nav, ipod connectivity, banging sound system (for when I’m on my own of course) and the list goes on.

Lexus RX400h

As our family continues to grow we’ve now added an Audi Q7 to the family cars, but still the Lexus RX400h continues to outshine the Q7 for reliability, servicing costs, etc.  Nothing wrong with the Q7, it’s just not the Lexus.





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