Why are the Ferrari GTs so big?

Cars generally seem to be getting bigger. Having bought an Audi Q7 in 2013, I know what I’m talking about.  It’s got to be because we are getting bigger (taller, wider and heavier) and no doubt the improvements in safety protection plays its part.

I can’t talk for you but I like to think of sports cars, supercars and hypercars as being lightweight and nimble.  Having seen numerous Ferrari‘s up close over the past decade I was amazed at how big they are getting, especially the Ferrari 599.

I have yet to own or drive a Ferrari GT, no doubt I will soon. I’m not really a fan of the recent year 2000+ cars. The last one I could see myself owning is the Ferrari 550 Maranello.  A classic car of that there is no doubt.

Here are the measurements of four different Ferrari GTs from four different decades to back up what I’m saying.


The 2000’s Ferrari GT

Ferrari 599


Length 4,665 mm (183.7 in)
Width 1,962 mm (77.2 in)
Height 1,336 mm (52.6 in)
Curb weight

1,688 kg (3,721 lb)

in comparison to the

The 1990’s Ferrari GT

Ferrari 550 Maranello

Length 4,549 mm (179.1 in)
Width 1,935 mm (76.2 in)
Height 1,278 mm (50.3 in)
Curb weight 1,690 kg (3,726 lb)

or the

The 1970’s Ferrari GT

Ferrari 365 Daytona

Length 4,425 mm (174.2 in)
Width 1,760 mm (69.3 in)
Height 1,245 mm (49 in)
Curb weight 1,280 kg (2,822 lb)

Or the

The 1960’s Ferrari GT

Ferrari 275 GTB

Length 4,369 mm (172 in)
Width 1,702 mm (67 in)
Height 1,232 mm (48.5 in)
Curb weight 1,100 kg (2,425 lb)

What do you think? Should Ferrari try to reduce the size of its GT, or do you think that the size of a Ferrari GT does not really matter?


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