Postcard from the Goodwood Revival 2013

Personally I’d never been to the Goodwood Revival previously. Yes I know. At 40 and massively into cars, especially the 1950-1960s era you’d have thought I’d have made it before now, but alas not.Goodwood-Revival

In previous years I had not made time, and then last year had got dressed up in what I thought was period dress, only for my wife to put in the killer blow, “you look exactly the same as you do when you’re going to work”, she said. So I did not make it last year.

This year I did make is and I dressed as a 1960s gent, as I so love those GT cars of that decade so very much. Tweed suit – check, Cravat – check, Flat cap – check. I was ready.

Goodwood Revival 13.9 (23)

Up at silly o’clock, 5.30am, and no doubt many more people were up even earlier. Loved the drive down to Goodwood (as always), but did not see a period or any classic car for that matter until a few miles away from the venue, which I thought a surprise.

Parked up in the field opposite the track, and there were loads of cars in that field, here are a few of those cars that stood out. I loved the Ford Galaxie 500, Ford Mustang, Jaguar E-Type and Porsche 550 replica. I’d spent 2 hours looking at the visitors cars before I’d even entered the venue, bonkers!

There were the usual stall and shops selling all sorts or wears, from clothing to memorabilia, to jewellery and cars. All in period and cool to spend some time browsing.

The atmosphere was civil, cool and 90% (ish) of people took up the dress in period request. This is a typically British event, everyone makes an effort and it was great fun.

We attended on the Friday, so there was little racing, just practices.

On reflection I was more interested in the aesthetics of the cars, hence I do not know or am not really interested in the results, lap times, that stuff really does not interest me.

Goodwood Revival, Goodwood Estate, Chichester, West Sussex, UK - 15.09.13

This event is not one for the kids or family, not enough focus on them. It’s an event for lovers of the period, classic racing, and those that just love classic cars.

You can get access to most of the venue, however there is a lot to take in and arguably you again need more than one day (as you do with Goodwood Festival of Speed). Is this bad or planned? I suppose it makes you come back for more, either that weekend or the following year.

As part of the press package we were invited to watch the only race of the day from the new Credit Suisse Race Control Building. Which we duly did and what a race. It started dry and then the rain came down throughout the race and got heavier and heavier as the race progressed.

Goodwood Revival 13.9 (12)

No idea on the winner and placings and not really bothered about that, you can read that stuff anywhere else.

It was interesting to speak to a chap who had previously raced at the revival. According to him 4000 people applied to race each year at the Revival and this figure is going up. Lord March (probably a minion of his) chooses who gains entry, apparently it’s good to be known, as this helps your cause. If you’re lucky to be invited to race, there are no costs (unlike many other classic car events) as “you are the event”. I thought this an interesting point and a nice touch.

It’s certainly an event I’ll be going to again in the future.  Did you go?  What did you think?

Check out more pictures from the Goodwood Revival 2013, and watch some of our great videos, including


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