Why after 3 years I didn’t renew my Ferrari Owners Club membership?

I’d be meaning to write about this for a while, well at least a two years plus, given I did not renew for 2012, nor will I in 2013.  I joined the Ferrari Owners Club (FOC) in 2008 having eventually reached the lifelong ambition of buying that first car, but that’s another story.  I joined the FOC as I wanted to meet like-minded Ferrari owners, be better informed, and knew that I may get discounts from FOC partner companies (i.e insurance, servicing, etc.), and lastly maybe I could attend special events organised by the FOC.

I joined and paid my subscriptions, over £100 (including glossy Ferrari Magazine), I remember thinking it pricey, buy hey I thought it worth it, if nothing else to what it was all about.

Over my three-year membership I took part in several events including a day at Palmer Sport, which was very special, and you can see some videos here.

Also I took part in a Go-Karting event and showed my car at the Silverstone Classic a few times.

In the end I thought membership was a little pricey, well I’m sure other car clubs are no way near this sort of price!  I’m lacking a lot of spare time to take full advantage of the club and the magazines although well put together and they look good, they are a little bland and outdated in my opinion.

So there you have my opinion for what it’s worth.  Have you ever been an FOC member? If so, what are your thoughts on the club and benefits?


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