Ferrari Store, New York, great, good or poor?

Having just returned from New York, in which I visited Ferrari’s new flagship store, I thought I would give you my views on the store and some other thoughts on Ferrari.

The store is situated on the corner of Park Avenue and 55th street, with windows on Park Avenue. The New York store is the 37th store worldwide to open.

This experience left me little cold to be honest, for two reasons: first, I felt the shop focused more on selling its now thousands of products (i.e. not its cars), and secondly, it made it even more apparent when pondering… is Ferrari selling out?  Have the Ferrari commercial department been utterly consumed by globalisation and the desire to profit whatever the cost?  Do people really want a Ferrari branded laptop, slippers and pants.  I can only speak for the Ferrari owners I know and have met, including myself, none of us have the desire to own such products, the car is what we want, not Ferrari golf balls.

What will happen, will happen, however, I cannot help but feel the brand is losing some of its cache.

No doubt it is still the most highly desirable car marque according to our poll

Anyway back to the shop, if you want to see more shop pictures, then do so courtesy of the Huffington post.  If you are in New York, then worth a visit, yes.  Great shop, no, good yes, I personally wish they made their shops more unique, engaging and less about merchandise.

What do you think about the Ferrari brand, is it selling out?


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