Barbie’s rarest cars that could be spotted on British streets

Top ten rarest Barbie cars  

  1. Austin Healey 3000 MKII 1962 – 1 vehicle on UK roads 

The rarest among Barbie’s cars is undeniably the Austin Healey 3000 MKII. There is only one of currently left on British roads. This is Barbie’s first ever sports car, designed for the Barbie and Ken dolls in 1962. What adds to its allure is the surprising fact that Barbie’s Austin Healey diverged from the conventional pink, opting instead for a blend of orange and teal.  

This remarkable vehicle redefined the convertible experience by seamlessly combining the comfort of a saloon car with the exhilarating freedom of a top-down ride. 

  1. Mercedes Benz 190SL 1962 – 1 vehicle on UK roads 

The second jewel in Barbie’s famous car collection is the magnificent Mercedes-Benz 190SL. With just one of its kind gracing the UK’s roads, this exquisite vehicle holds a special place in Barbie’s heart as it was her second car. Produced between May 1955 and February 1963, it embodies the epitome of style, performance, and luxury. Unlike the original colours, Barbie & Ken’s Mercedes came in a baby blue with a pristine white interior. 

  1. Ferrari 308 1986 – 1 vehicle on UK roads 

A true symbol of prestige, the Ferrari 308’s beauty captures the essence of the era with its sleek lines, captivating presence, and unrivaled Italian craftsmanship, testament of Barbie’s impeccable style. Again, this car is incredibly rare nowadays, with just one Ferrari of its kind cruising the British streets. Barbie had two of these, one in white and the other in signature red.  

  1. Nissan Z 2005 – 2 vehicles on UK roads 

The 2005 Nissan Z is a legendary sports car that exudes power and performance. This isn’t your typical Barbie car; however, Barbie did own two of these, one in chrome silver and the other in gold. The glossy exterior features a flawless combination of vibrant colors, reflecting Barbie’s dynamic personality and lifestyle. Now, there are just two of these left on the road making them extremely rare.  

  1. Chevrolet Corvette 1984 – 4 vehicles on UK roads 

Barbie’s collection wouldn’t be complete without her beloved Chevrolet Corvettes. Barbie’s 1984 Chevrolet Corvette, or the ‘Silver ‘Vette’ is a timeless symbol of retro-chic that captures the spirit of adventure and elegance that defines her signature brand. 

The 1984 Corvette’s design broke new ground and became instantly recognizable. It featured sleek and aerodynamic lines, pop-up headlights, and a low-slung profile, giving it a distinct appearance. It not only brought media attention to the Corvette brand but was a huge commercial success as the sales surpassed the remarkable milestone of 50,000 units (one of just two models that achieved this success). There are currently only four of these left in the UK.  

  1. Chevrolet Bel Air 1957 – 6 vehicles on UK roads 

Barbie’s ‘57 Chevy’ comes in her signature pink colour, although in reality the car was produced in 17 different colour combinations. It holds a special place in popular culture, representing the design and spirit of the 1950s, a time often associated with nostalgia and retro charm, making it a true automobile icon. It gained massive popularity due to its design and features, including its distinctive tailfins, dual headlights, and chrome accents. However, there are just six of them on the roads currently.  

  1. Chevrolet Corvette 1995 – 9 vehicles on UK roads 

The 1995 Corvette represents the fourth generation of the emblematic sports car, which was produced from 1984 to 1996. This generation marked a significant departure from previous iterations, introducing a more modern and streamlined design. The number of running Chevrolet Corvette vehicles from 1995 is extremely limited, with only nine of these unique cars still in operation on UK roads today. 

Barbie’s Chevrolet Corvette 1995 is a distinctive and eye-catching version of this automotive legend, featuring a pink exterior, Barbie branding, custom graphics, and a personalized interior.  

  1. Ford Mustang Convertible 1999 – 10 vehicles on UK roads 

The 1999 Mustang Convertible retains the iconic and timeless design of the Mustang lineage. It carries the characteristic muscular and aggressive stance of a Mustang, with sleek lines and a bold front grille. The fusion of a traditionally masculine design with Barbie’s signature pink color creates an unconventional contrast, making this particular Barbie car stand out as one of the more distinctive and extraordinary choices in the lineup. At present, there are a total of ten vehicles remaining on UK roads. 

  1. Ford Mustang Convertible 1993 – 11 vehicles on UK roads 

The 1993 Mustang Convertible represents the third-generation model, commonly known as the ‘Fox Body’ Mustang. It features a more angular and boxy design compared to its successor. Barbie’s version came in two colour combinations – pink and white, and aqua and pink. The Ford Mustang is often associated with a sense of freedom, adventure, and style, so it makes perfect sense it was chosen to feature in Barbie’s vast car collection. Only eleven of these remain on UK roads today.

  1. Ford Thunderbird Convertible 2002 – 11 vehicles on UK roads 

Barbie’s Ford Thunderbird is an exceedingly rare toy car from her collection and it’s just as rare in real life, with just eleven vehicles left. Ford’s introduction of the Thunderbird was driven by the ambition to compete against other sports cars, especially the Chevrolet Corvette. Therefore, it is entirely logical that Barbie included this model in her collection, further affirming her discerning taste in automobiles. 

Mark WilkinsonManaging Director at Heritage comments:   

“As a classic car enthusiast, I must say that Barbie’s car collection is truly exceptional. The rarity of these cars only adds to their desirability, making them highly sought-after among collectors and enthusiasts alike. 

The enduring popularity of Barbie and her brand adds a layer of cultural significance to these cars. Barbie has captivated generations of fans, and her influence extends beyond the realm of dolls and toys. As a result, vehicles associated with Barbie hold a special place in popular culture.  

This elevated status further contributes to these vehicles’ rarity and collectability, as fans and enthusiasts strive to own a piece of Barbie’s iconic world. 

At Heritage Car Insurance, we have a deep appreciation of classics and take great pride in insuring incredible classic cars. With comprehensive policies, expert knowledge, and a genuine reverence for classics, we strive to provide peace of mind, protecting these exceptional vehicles and honoring the legacy they represent.” 


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