Close-Up Look at the Magnificent McLaren 750S

Although McLaren claims to have meticulously analysed and improved the 720S, they’ve seemingly had a sense of mischievousness injected into the formerly uptight Woking lexicon. While the numbers speak for themselves, with the 750S boasting a class-leading power-to-weight ratio of 579bhp per tonne, the new car is definitely more… punk rock.

It’s sharper, with enhanced sound, and offers a more interactive driving experience. Think of it as more approachable and less intimidating than the razor-edge 765LT. The 4.0 twin-turbo V8 now delivers 740bhp and 590lb ft, propelling the car from 0 to 62mph in 2.8 seconds and 0 to 124mph in 7.2 seconds. Granted, the 720S was no slouch in that department, but McLaren has fine-tuned it to unleash even more soul.

McLaren 750S Back

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Did McLaren’s design team take a break while their engineering colleagues did all the heavy lifting? Rest assured, the 750S is different. McLaren states that 30 percent of its components are new or modified, even though the body design may not impress the more vocal parts of the internet.

The front features a lower and smoother nose, a longer front splitter, narrower headlights (unfortunately still referred to as “eye sockets,” much to our disappointment), as well as new sill air intakes and rear wheel arch vents.

McLaren 750S Front

However, the most noticeable visual changes are at the back. An undulating mesh cover spans a reprofiled rear deck, channeling air toward a longer rear wing. Above the wing sits a new central exit exhaust, engineered for increased efficiency and a more pronounced sonic experience. The wing on the 750S is pretty impressive. It’s actually 20 percent bigger than the one on the 720S, but guess what? It’s even lighter! They made it out of carbon fibre, so it weighs 1.6kg less. That’s pretty cool, right? It deploys in three ways: activating the ‘aero’ button provides more downforce in corners based on your speed, there’s a DRS function for low-drag high-speed runs, and during high-speed braking, the wing pops up in under half a second for maximum deceleration.

McLaren’s clever Proactive Chassis Control hydraulic suspension has also been refined. The front springs are now three percent softer while the rear springs are four percent stiffer, making the car more playful without compromising its phenomenal ride quality and roll control.

McLaren 750S Interior

The 750S has a 6mm wider front track, and the electro-hydraulic steering (a McLaren signature in a world of fully electric systems) boasts a faster ratio and a new power assistance pump. Expect exceptional turn-in and front-end grip from this beast. It also features Variable Drift Control and the option of central 390mm carbon ceramic brakes. Oh, and let’s not forget the vehicle lift system, which reduces the 720S’s lifting time from 10 seconds to just four.

The interior has also received improvements. Similar to the Artura, the Powertrain and Handling mode buttons are located on the side of the main instrument binnacle, making them easier to find and use. And here’s another neat feature: McLaren added something called MCL, or McLaren Control Launcher. It lets drivers save their favourite settings for things like aerodynamics, handling, powertrain, and transmission. So you can have everything set up just the way you like it every time you hop in the car. Pretty convenient, don’t you think? Additionally, there’s a new central infotainment touchscreen with improved graphics, housed in an aluminum surround. Carbon fibre racing seats come as standard and are 17.5kg lighter than those in the 720S. McLaren emphasises the quality of their craftsmanship, stating, “This is a car we know how to build.” The 750S comes with a three-year unlimited mileage warranty – not the most exciting aspect, but definitely important.

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