Car Essentials Every Driver Should Have

Whether you’ve just passed your driver’s license and you’re ready to start exploring in your first car, or you’ve been driving comfortably for the past decade, there are certain things that every driver needs to have in their vehicles at all times. 

While some of these essentials will prevent you from finding yourself stranded on the roadside, where you may require roadside assistance, others ensure you won’t receive costly fines. 

So be sure you have all of the following essentials in your car. 

Jump Starters

There’s hardly anything more stressful than trying to get your car going if the battery has run flat. Unfortunately, car batteries can run flat for various reasons, and some require immediate attention from a trusted auto mechanic. 

Nevertheless, it’s wise to always have a set of jump starters in your car. If your battery runs flat, you can charge it with jump starters and the help of another driver’s vehicle. 

Tire Jack, Lug Wrench, And A Spare Tire

There’s no arguing the importance of keeping a spare tire in your car at all times; there’s a good reason all vehicles are designed to carry a spare tire. But a spare tire won’t be helpful if you don’t have a lug wrench and a tire jack. 

When changing a tire, you’ll need to lift the vehicle with a tire jack and then loosen the nuts with a lug wrench. With this, you’ll also want to keep a reflective triangle to safely change a tire on the roadside without fear of passing traffic. 

Duct Tape

Duct tape is durable enough to use in emergencies. This DIY tape can be used for various DIY emergency auto fixes, from unexpected leaks to cracks and breaks in vehicle engine components. 


WD-40 is a popular lubricant and essential in every handyman’s toolkit. But even if you aren’t a handyman, you’ll want to keep this product in your car to help loosen stubborn nuts and bolts.

Tactical Flashlight

Flashlights become essential when traveling at night, but even during the day, there are spots in a car’s engine that can be hard to see clearly without a flashlight. A tactical flashlight will also double up as a self-defense weapon, so you will be more prepared should you break down in the evening. 

First Aid Kit

Accidental injuries can happen anywhere, at any time. So it’s important to keep a first aid kit in your car. You don’t need to invest in an extensive first aid kit, as a basic one is perfectly suitable for the car. 

License, Insurance, And Vehicle Registration

You can receive hefty fines if you don’t have these essential items in your car. It’s the law to travel with your driver’s license and vehicle registration, and when it comes to auto insurance details, you’ll need these in the event of a road accident. 

Other essentials to keep in your car include the owner’s manual, emergency contact information, a tire pressure gauge, a few cleaning supplies, a car hammer, and windshield wiper fluid.


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