The Top ‘Cars’ Social Media Accounts You Need to Follow

If you love cars, you must follow the best influencers on social media. They’ll help you stay updated with the latest car-related news, tips, tricks and insights. Unlike many other influencers you see online, these guys know their stuff and have built their reputation so high because people trust them and they’ve proven themselves.

This article will look at five of the most influential and exciting. Whether you follow the racing in an effort to keep your gambling accounts looking healthy or are someone with a general interest in cars, we think you’ll agree that these guys know their stuff and are worth a follow. 

Lewis Hamilton @lewishamilton

As one of the world’s leading Formula One racers, Lewis Hamilton is a name known by many, regardless of whether they’re keen racing fans. Not only is he talented behind the wheel, being one of the most successful racers of all time, but he’s also somewhat of a celebrity, having been the face of British racing for the best part of a decade and having a high-profile relationship with singer Nicole Scherzinger.

As a racing driver, there are few that come close to his ability behind the wheel, even if he’s stopped somewhat over the past couple of years. As a result of his success on the track, his fame has reached superstar levels, and this has seen his social media following skyrocket. On his Instagram page, you can regularly see behind-the-scenes photos of the racer’s life, and you can learn a lot about what it’s like to be a Formula One sensation. His account is definitely worth following because of how interesting it is, even if you’re not a huge racing fan. 

Alex Hirschi @supercarblondie

Alex Hirschi, also known as Supercar Blondie, is one of the most well-known car-related influencers in the world, and, as you might have guessed, she’s a woman, which is a very pleasant surmise considering how male-dominated the car scene is. Despite now being an internet celebrity, Alex’s origins started as a radio DJ in Dubai, but it didn’t take long for her to follow her dreams and become the sensation we know and love. 

As a woman in the car industry, she’s had a fair amount of obstacles to overcome, especially since she’s based in Dubai, but that hasn’t slowed her down. As someone who provides “insight into the supercar lifestyle,” she’s a voice on social media platforms, showing us what it’s really like to be someone who gets to live and breathe cars. As a result of this success, she’s received numerous awards and accolades, being named as one of the leading women in the Arab world numerous times, which is very much deserved. 

Ken Block @kblock43

If you love racing and speed, Ken Block is someone you need to be following on Instagram. He’s one of the top car-related influencers, and for a good reason, he’s a winning racer who always has plenty to say on his social channels. He knows how to stay relevant online thanks to his genius marketing stunts and ability to appear almost everywhere in his niche. While all of this must be absolutely exhausting, it certainly hasn’t been in vain. 

Not only is he a car racing machine, but he’s also a fashion company co-founder, being involved in numerous projects ranging from shoes to general clothing. Beyond the track and world of fashion, he also loves many other sports, including skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross. He’s a real jack of all trades, so it might be a shock to learn that he’s one of the most loved car-related influencers in the world, followed by millions. 

Richard Rawlings @gasmonkeygarage

Richard Rawlings is a super successful entrepreneur and social media icon, and being on our television screens as the star of the reality show Fast N’ Loud. On the show, he helped people from around the globe fine-tune their cars to reach new levels, appearing on our screens from 2012 until 2020, earning him a few dollars. As well as this show, he co-hosted Garage Rehab – think Kitchen Nightmares but with more exhaust fumes and less angry Scottish men. 

Away from the world of television, he owns Gas Monkey Garage, his very own plaything that he uses to fine-tune the best cars he can get his hands on. As well as this, he also owns a restaurant that is very much in line with the rest of his brand. We’re not sure what else we need to say – if you’re not following him already, there’s nothing more we can do. The guy’s an absolute beast in almost every sense of the word. 

Jeremy Clarkson @jeremyclarkson

Much like Marmite, very few things divide opinion quite like Jeremy Clarkson. Whether hosting one of his many television shows or slating Megan Markle in the British press, Jeremy Clarkson is a character unlike anybody else. While his days of car-related television seem to be on the back burner (The Grand Tour never reached the heights of Top Gear), he’s still one of the most fantastic guys around.  

His latest sensation, Amazon Video’s Clarkson’s Farm, has been an enormous hit and details his experiences living as a farmer in the south of England. While Clarkson isn’t much of a farmer, he’ll admit that his social media pages do a great job of chronicling the many mistakes he’s made along the way, which is why you should be following him on social media. 


Here are a few car-related influencers you should follow in 2023. Whether you’re a racing fan who likes to stay up to date with the latest racing developments, someone who prefers to follow industry advice from the experts or a TV watcher who loves all things Jeremy Clarkson, these are the accounts you need to be following. 


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