How To Road Trip In Real Comfort

Road tripping is some of the most fun you can have when travelling. Not only do you get to visit the length and breadth of a country, but you also spend time on the road where the air is free, the weather is good, and the music sounds amazing. And even when you’ve got a young family to take along, a road trip is fun and exciting and one of the easiest things to plan for everyone! But we all know those hours on the road can get a little long, so we’re here to help make sure your next road trip is done in real style and comfort. 

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Give Yourself More Room

If you’ve only got a 5 seater to use, it might be worth it to rent a bigger vehicle for this trip. Or if you want to make road tripping a more permanent feature in your life, check out some new and used motorhomes for sale and see if you can grab yourself a bargain. After all, the more room you have, the better you can pack, and taking the toilet along with you is never a bad decision. More room means more fun and less chance of disaster.

Make Sure You Can Sit for Hours at a Time

On a road trip, you’re going to be behind the wheel for hours at a time. It’s true! You may not even realise you’ve gone so far until your back aches and your legs are cramping and you can’t quite feel your hands anymore. 

So be sure to arrange your seat into the best position to keep you upright without any pain. Similarly, invest in some cushions and a soft cover to give you something comfortable to relax against; paying attention to the road doesn’t mean being rigid at all times! 

Pack Entertainment Other Than Music

Plugging in your phone or loading up some old CDs are both good choices for a road trip. However, if you’ve got kids in the back this isn’t the only entertainment to pack for your travels ahead. Even as adults you should have something else to do whilst on the road – just make sure it’s hands free and doesn’t require your full attention.

Reading from a book, listening to a fun podcast, or playing a mystery game with multiple options to choose from can all be fun things to try. Activities like these will certainly break up the journey a bit and make the time pass a bit faster. 

Take Regular Time Outside the Vehicle

You’re going to be stopping regularly to see the sights, yes. But you should also stop regularly to take a break outside the vehicle around every half hour or so. Spend a good 20 minutes out there and stretch your legs! 

Road tripping in comfort is totally possible, as long as you’ve got the space, the seating, and something to do. Plan with your needs in mind and you’ll love the whole adventure. 


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