The Biggest Classic Car Meetups For 2023 And How To Get Involved

Classic car meetups can sometimes be delightful. Enthusiasts can congregate, make new friends, and share their passions for these vehicles. 

The idea of a classic car meetup might appeal to you. However, you may have to consider a few things before guaranteeing attendance at one of them. There are some things to think about here, particularly if you wish to attend the largest gatherings. 

The types of meetups you attend might matter as well. After all, more dubious gatherings can attract police attention, with some of these events sometimes leading to instances of dangerous driving. Perhaps you should consider extra steps to ensure you mix with the right crowd.

If you want to learn more, here is a quick summary of the biggest classic car meetups for 2023 and a section on how to get involved with them. 

The Top Classic Car Meetups for 2023

It may help you to first read a breakdown of the biggest classic car meetups for 2023. They are as follows:

  • Classic and Sports Car and Bike Show – You could learn more about Bridge Classic Cars’ event. On Sunday, July 30th, you may wish to consider heading to The Nursery, Main Rd, Pettistree, Woodbridge. 
  • Festival of Wheels – Perhaps you should consider heading to Trinity Park, Ipswich, on the 5th and 6th of August. The Festival of Wheels is a large event tailored for many types of vehicles (including classic cars). A range of other activities could be enjoyed too, involving inflatables and live music. 
  • Classics at Glenham – On Sunday, September 3rd, you could attend an annual classic car show featuring rare and exotic models. It’s family and charity-oriented, with child-friendly entertainment provided on the day also. If you would like to go, perhaps look into Glemham Hall, Little Glemham, Woodbridge, Suffolk, to see what you might expect from the venue.  
  • Practical Classics Car and Restoration Show – You might wish to head to the NEC in Birmingham for this one. A range of classic car clubs can be brought together here, bringing their collections along with them. If you wish to bring your family and friends, they are welcome too.   
  • Classic Car Show – You may attend this classic car meetup on Sunday, July 16th, at Culford, Bury Saint Edmunds. It can be a popular show in the area, with hundreds of cars displayed and charity initiatives planned.  

You may not have to choose between these classic car meetups, as it’s perhaps feasible to attend a number of them. The offerings can vary somewhat, so it’s reasonable to expect a different experience at each. 

How to Get Involved

Because there is so much on offer across the UK, there could be multiple avenues for getting involved. That said, it’s possible you could feel overwhelmed too. Read on for some suggested ways to help you here. 

Check with Your Insurer

If you own a classic car, your insurer could be more than just a classic car insurance provider. It may be worth investigating their website closely.

In addition to providing insurance for your classic car, Lancaster Insurance Services also have resources at the top of their webpage titled ‘Car Clubs’ and ‘Classic Car Events’. Clicking either option may help you realise how these communities are fostered. You could also have a more linear path to attending the Practical Classics Car and Restoration Show. They also have gallery pages of past events that you could look through as well. 

Of course, some people might not assume their insurer will have offerings around a good time. Being a classic car owner could come with privileges, so it may suit you to exercise those where you can. 

Check with Your Dealership

The dealerships that sell classic cars could also have connections to the meetups being run. They might be involved with the meetups themselves. You may be able to enquire with them about how to get involved in either scenario.

Car communities can sometimes be fostered through dealership activities. The businesses may supply showroom events or even host their own, giving cause for classic car drivers to congregate together. 

It is worth remembering that though dealers can sometimes seem like untrustworthy and pushy salespeople, those selling classic cars could be more likely to run respectable enterprises and be well-versed in the culture surrounding automobiles. They may have intricate knowledge about local or nationwide classic car meetups, perhaps even attending them in a personal capacity as well. It could be that the only way to know is to ask. 

Check Social Media

Events of many varieties can be advertised on social media. It may be worth checking to see what you can find on multiple platforms. 

You could filter certain phrases or search Twitter hashtags for mentions of classic car meetups. If you’re intrigued by your findings, you may be able to reach out to the people advertising these gatherings directly. Making a few enquiries could be a good idea and help you establish acquaintances before meeting these people in person. That way, you might at least know somebody. 

Should you not find the results you hoped for, reaching out to your connections might be a good idea. You could create a public post asking about the popular classic car meetups you’re looking for. Somebody you know might be able to invite you or refer you to somebody else who can. 

It could be best to first explore official channels like insurers and dealerships for word of car meetups. Or, you could check social media but only attend car meetups you find recommended there if they’re also touted by more reputable sources as well. 

To Sum Up 

Hopefully, you might feel like you have a range of classic car meetups to experience in 2023. Additionally, you should be confident that you have different ways to get involved and can explore various channels to do so as you see fit. There may be some cause for caution, but so long as you keep your preferences in mind and conduct yourself responsibly, you should enjoy a good time at the biggest classic car meetups. 


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