Buying a car at auction

Buying a car these days can be a minefield. Buying a car can be easy. But everybody has a different option and very different experience. 

Car and judge gavel on brown background. Concept of selling a car by auction or accident sentence.

Like you reading this, along with all of us at the My Car Heaven office, most, if not everyone, has bought or sold a car. And in many cases, multiple times. What strikes us though is how little experience many people have of car auctions. 

Now…think for a second, where is the best place to get the widest range of cars, at different price points, at different ages, and vastly varying types of cars? Did you know there are auctions dedicated to classic cars, or bog standard ‘every day cars’, up to supercars and hypercars? Well there are!

Lets look at the options…

Buying a brand new car

Going brand new has its obvious perks. Cars are shiny, brand new and are raring to be driven in. Cars are generally purchased in a manufacturer’s showroom, showcasing only their brand(s) of cars. The downside here is that unless you fancy a multi-showroom tour, you are seeing a fraction of the cars that might be best (or better) for you and your circumstances. 

Buying second hand at a dealership

Here’s where the options expand slightly, but not much. With a wider age of cars, comes range, and prices. Usually a dealership will have a ‘new car section’ and a ‘used car section’, and these can sometimes be in entirely different buildings at the dealership. Personally I have been back and forth between these two sections when at my local Ford dealership, trying to find the best deal, only to grow tired of it all, and leave with nothing. Frustration all round. 

Buying at auction

There are a multitude of reasons why cars are available at auction. Whether cars have been sold via car buying website, or the car was repossessed from its previous owner, to cars being sold after trade in at a dealership, cars invariably sendup at auction. 

Now if you are only wanting an interesting or beautiful, an increasing number of people are joining the Piston Addict community, which once you join for free, informs you of upcoming auctions around Europe that are perfect for you and the type of car you desire. 

Car auctions are professional venues, dedicated to volume, accurate descriptions of the cars on sale, complete with the provision of assurance that you are purchasing exactly what you think you are purchasing. Safety on your side. Not only this, but car auctions are where some great deals are made, with cars invariably available at extremely reason prices. Reason being, they are there for one purpose – to be sold NOW! 

Buying on Facebook

There is a trend of people selling and buying on social media platforms. These are generally non-trade sellers, so are basically ‘sold as seen’ type purchases. Personally this should be avoided as the risk is almost all with the buyer, planting much hope that the previous owner(s) has been kind to his / her car. Something you’ll only find out in the following weeks, months and years. My advice is to stay clear of this option, if you can, and go the safe route, which is to visit a reputable auction, through Piston Addict


When buying a car, think about your situation, and what car is suitable for your needs. Are you brand sensitive, price sensitive, and do you want to view a huge range of cars, at competitive prices? If so, we’d recommend visiting an auction, near you, and to which there are a truck load. 


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