Whose Merchandise Do Petrol Heads Want the Most?

Whose Merchandise Do Petrol Heads Want the Most? 

  • Auto superfans can’t get enough of Jeep, Ferrari and BMW branded products 
  • Tesla, Karma and Polestar are the most popular EV brands for merchandise  
  • The most expensive auto merchandise items include £3,000 Ferrari trench coats, £1,300 Porsche skis and £55 Tesla Christmas jumpers 

With the Christmas season upon us, Auto Trader has revealed which car brands are most popular for branded gifts and merchandise.  

Looking at Etsy data, Google search volumes and visits to their online merchandise stores, Auto Trader has found that Jeep, Ferrari and BMW top the merchandise charts. 

Auto merchandise is big business, with Auto Trader’s study revealing there are over ten million merchandise-related Google searches for the most popular car manufacturers every year, and over 540,000 auto-branded gifts on Etsy.  

Like sports teams and music acts, merchandise is a hugely profitable way to help dedicated fans show off their allegiance to their favourite motoring companies – from hats and t-shirts through to artwork and miniature models.  

The most popular auto brands for merchandise are a mixed bag of luxury supercars and every day best sellers, with Ford, Volvo, Tesla, Toyota and Porsche all featuring in the top 10.  

The 20 Most Popular Auto Brands for Merchandise  

Rank Auto Manufacturer  
10 Honda 
11 Audi 
12 McLaren 
13 Subaru 
14 Nissan 
15 Land Rover 
16 Chevrolet 
17 Lamborghini 
18 Jaguar 
19 Hyundai  
20 Kia 

What merchandise do the most popular brands offer? 

Jeep’s merchandise options reflect its outdoor values, with a range of robust outdoor adventure kit bags and backpacks (priced between £60 and £90), through to woolly hats, wooden pencils and camping mugs.  

On the other end of the scale, Ferrari’s merchandise includes Prancing Horse jewellery (starting at £240), avant-garde leather and fur coats (costing over £3,000) and metallic tote bags (priced at £1,900).  

Tesla’s official merchandise includes a range of men, women and children’s apparel, with adult Christmas jumpers (circa £55), bomber jackets (£165) and kids’ beanie hats (£21).  

Toyota’s official merchandise is launching soon and promises sports bags, water bottles and jackets, but in the meantime, anyone needing to find a gift for a Toyota fan can find branded vinyl stickers, artistic prints and even Toyota Christmas jumpers on Etsy.  

The 10 Most Popular Supercars for Merchandise 

  1. Ferrari 
  1. Porshe 
  1. McLaren 
  1. Lamborghini 
  1. Jaguar 
  1. Aston Martin 
  1. Lexus 
  1. Alfa Romeo 
  1. Bugatti 
  1. Bentley 

Fans of F1 may be boosting the merchandise demand for supercars such as Ferrari and McLaren, but in spite of that, Porsche remains one of the most aspirational luxury supercar brands, with nearly 400,000 Google searches for Porsche branded products every year. Superfans of Porsche can purchase their Chronograph 718 RS 60 Spyder wristwatch for £574, or even a full winter sports kit; jackets, salopettes, and helmets are all available on their website, with a set of Porsche branded skis starting at £1,300. 

While jumpers and hoodies tend to be the most popular merchandise items for supercars, other interesting luxury car products include McLaren headphones (£259), Bugatti cufflinks (£250) and Lamborghini Lego kits with an RRP of £357. 

The 5 Most Popular Electric Car Brands for Merchandise 

  1. Tesla 
  1. Karma 
  1. Polestar 
  1. Rivian 
  1. NIO 

While Tesla offers a collection of up-market leisure wear, Karma Automotive also provides its fans with a selection of high-end polo shirts, water bottles and blue tooth speakers. As well as the standard socks and baseball caps, Sweden’s EV outfit Polestar also offers its fanbase a range of high-performance mountain bikes. 

Erin Baker, Editorial Director from Auto Trader who ran the research, commented: “We know that car owners can become very passionate about their favourite brands, and with Christmas coming up we were interested to see which car manufacturer might have the most gifts under the tree! It’s brilliant to see a mix of supercar and best-seller brands in the top fanbase spots, and this is a great reminder of just how important a part cars play in our lives.” 


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