The best and most insane transformations  of the show “Pimp my Ride”

Many people probably remember a popular show from the ’90s called “Pimp my Ride,” which ran on MTV alongside such hits as “Laguna Beach,” “Cribs,” and “Jackass.” Its essence was that the famous rapper Xzibit came to the homes of car owners and offered them to modify their cars in the most unusual way.

At the beginning of the show, the rapper in his traditional style told the owner about the disadvantages of his car, as if pushing him to agree to the transformation.

However, the car transformations were not spontaneous – they always matched the vehicle owner and his desires. For example, one participant hinted at his Italian origins, which resulted in the designers placing a real Sistine Chapel on the ceiling of his truck.

Also, once, the so-called transformers from “Pimp my Ride” added a TV with a hot tub to the limo so that the owner could splash in the water while being driven to his destination.

They converted the black pickup for a game of pool by placing a full-size pool table in the back of it. True, it would be pretty uncomfortable to play on it, but beauty requires sacrifice.

The van of the Las Vegas resident predictably was completely transformed into a gambling hall, and a real slot machine was installed outside, allowing him to make bets in any place where the owner was. Moreover, the car opened only after the jackpot fell out on the reels, so the driver would often have to try hard to make the trip. Thus, the gambling enthusiast was discouraged. The owner of the car used to look for no deposit cash casinos online to have a good time and get free money, but after the upgrade, he clearly did not want to do it.

By the way, the editors of the show did not always stop only at cars. In one of the episodes, they installed a small TV on the participant’s snowboard, so he could enjoy his favorite videos as he went down the snow slope.

Among the memorable episodes of the show, we may also mention a car with an aquarium: a Mitsubishi Mirage which raced through the Californian deserts with fish on board; a large pickup truck with a fireplace inside (rather unsafe, but the owner promised to be careful).

And lastly, many people remembered the minivan with lots of food inside and a chocolate fountain at the very end of the cabin.


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