Win a pair of tickets to Race Retro 2023

It’s competition time again.  This time we are delighted to be able to offer three pairs of tickets to the 2023 Race Retro classic car show.

Race Retro is a must attend event for any Rally Driving, Motorsport or Classic Car fan.  You’ll see wonderful cars and be able to get up close to sporting personalities in a very relaxed environment.

So get your year off to a great start at Race Retro!

Guest celebrities and motorsport legends will be on hand throughout the weekend ensuring enthusiasts are entertained with interviews and anecdotes from the halcyon days of racing.

Invest in a piece of motorsport history, with a visit to the Silverstone Auction sale offering the finest classic cars, modern supercars, all types of competition cars, modern and historic motorcycles and automobilia.

Prefer two-wheeled motorsport?  There will be displays from the UK’s best motorcycle clubs as well as a chance for individual owners to shine in the Pride of Ownership competition. 

Visit hundreds of trade stands offering everything you need for the coming season – be it new helmets and race suits, parts and spares for your racing vehicle or more motorsport memorabilia to add to your collection.

So, to the competition. We are delighted to be able to offer three pairs of tickets to this wonderful event, the Race Retro 2023, that will be held at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire on the Friday 24 to Sunday 26 February 2023. The winning tickets will be able to be used on any one of the show days.  To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets to the Race Retro 2023, these are your three ways of entering, and you can enter in all three ways should you wish to improve your chances of winning:

Option 1: Leave a comment below and tell us what is your favourite classic car and why.

Option 2: Follow us on Instagram, find our competition post and follow the entry criteria.

Option 3: Follow us on Facebook, find our competition post and follow the entry criteria.

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If you want to see more Race Retro content, head over to our YouTube channel to see the cars of the previous few years or check out our Facebook Photo Albums here.

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Please spread the word to any car mad friends you have, the more people you know that can enter, the more you increase your chances of winning. Closing date for entries will be 3rd February 2023. Good luck.

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42 comments on "Win a pair of tickets to Race Retro 2023"

  • Rory Anderson says:

    Hello, I have always been a fan of the VW Scirocco so would nominate the early Mk1 & 2.

  • Will Wynn says:

    Nice Bryan. I love the Alitalia, Gulf & Martini liveries.

  • Will Wynn says:

    Very nice Anne.

  • Will Wynn says:

    Nice. Personally I’d favour a Subaru Impreza. Never drive one, but from what I read and hear it’s epic.

  • Will Wynn says:

    Yep the Jensen Interceptor is cool.

  • Will Wynn says:

    Yep that’s one very beautiful looking car. Shame on the prices, and I was told not the greatest drive compared to the Jaguar E-Type. Hopefully I will get to drive one at some point in my lifetime.

  • amy loveys says:

    Would be a almost classic for me, the Honda Integra DC5. I own one and half of them, one daily and one project and I’d happily own a lot more of them!

  • Neil Pearson says:

    Has to be the MK1 Escort for me, stylish, cheap, robust, reliable and simple cars that you could fix most problems at home with a basic set of tools.

  • Patricia Barrett says:

    I love the Aston Martin DB5 which has such a clean and iconic look.

  • Robert Dewey says:

    Jensen Interceptor, because of it’s style, elegance and power.

  • Ranita Reeves says:

    Triumph GT6, they are just so beautiful and sound amazing.

  • Gooner4life says:

    Ford Cosworth, Escort XR or Rally Suburu.

  • Jephcote says:

    JBA Falcon TSR.
    Classic? Maybe not but it does ‘look the business’.

  • ANNE EBDY says:

    Ford Escort Mexico, the rally pedigree

  • Troy Easton says:

    Series 1 and 1959 as of the style of the car just love it.

  • Donna Musk says:

    Vauxhall Royale is the most beautiful classic car we owned one years ago in gold

  • Bryan Evans says:

    The Group 4 Fiat 131 Abarth Stradale in the iconic works Alitalia livery from 1978/79 as driven by Marku Alen has to be my favourite of all. The Matchbox model i own still puts a smile on my face and is still the quickest car across the kitchen floor.

  • Will Wynn says:

    Yep Annette, the American cars from the 50s to 70s are amazing and such cool shapes and colours. No one did cars like the Yanks.

  • Will Wynn says:

    What a car Laurence. I’d love to sit in a F1 car from any era, to drive one I’d think I’d gone to heaven. For me I’d want to drive the Maserati 250F, beautiful.

  • Will Wynn says:

    Sounds like the cars that got away Trevor. So many car people probably have similar stories, “if only I’d bought that car then” or “if only we kept that car”. Sound familiar?

  • Paul Gough says:

    Opel Manta, i used to rally one until it met it’s demise. Fantastic to watch them in the forests being driven by the top rally drivers of the day. Best car I have ever owned.

  • William MOBBERLEY says:

    Grosser Mercedes because it was Hitler’s car and when I become dictator of Europe, it will be great for rounding up feminists and spiriting them away to concentration camps for a final solution to the feminism problem.

  • Trevor Griffiths says:

    If forced to choose it would be Isetta bubble car of which I could have had 2 for I think £100 when 17, some fifty years ago now. I would love to get the clutch repaired on my own mg midget uja666k if possible

  • JANICE PLUMB says:

    porsche 911 its such a lovely shape

  • Steve Hitchman says:

    I love the Escort RS2000 – my dads mate had one when I was growing up! My dad did the odd rally with him not in the Escort though.

  • Laurence Bucknall says:

    The Lotus 72 F1 car what a car, the most successful F1 car, probably of all time.


    I simply love any American car with big wings and enough chrome to sink a battle ship, the more over the top…the better! Glamour gone mad!!

  • Trevor Blunt says:

    My favourite classic car is the Jensen Interceptor . Perhaps I am a little bias, because I used to work at Jensen and it was my job to carry out the final inspection and road test.

  • Terence Wilde says:

    Mk1 ford cortina 2dr gt……had one when I was much younger……still love them today

  • Phil Hill says:

    Audi Quattro or Metro 6R4 for me.

  • Sean Chaplin says:

    Original escort

  • William munro says:

    mk2 escort as I regret ever selling my gp4 rs1800

  • Jonathan Wileman says:

    Ford Escort Mk 1. I owned 2 of them and wouldn’t mind owning a third! An amazingly stylish car, yet simple in its design.

  • Kevin Seigle-Morris says:

    My favourite classic car is a Jaguar XK150.One of the best looking cars ever

  • Patrick Floyd says:

    Lotus 72. Its the epitome of beauty and speed with a 5 year, very successful race history!

  • Nigel Gatehouse says:

    Favourite classic car is :Renault 5 Maxi turbo -absolutely stunning machine

  • Shirley saunders says:

    Best show for classic

  • John musk says:

    My classic car is a vauxhall viva absolutely amazing car ive had at least 5 of them

  • Will Wynn says:

    A beautiful Volvo for sure, and it’s not often I can say that.

  • Andrew Millin says:

    My late father owned a red Volvo P1800S and as a car mad child, I thought it was the most fabulous car I had ever seen. I have seen many fabulous cars since then but the P1800S remains my favourite. ” I bet you can’t catch that car up ahead dad…Vroom!”

  • Will Wynn says:

    Hi Chris,

    I like the Stratos as well, and like you I will probably never own one or drive one. I would love to drive one. An owner let me sit in his a few years back at the London Classic Car Show. What a gent and nice thing to do. All the best.

  • Chris Lunn says:

    As a rally fan, I’m really fortunate that my favourite classic car just happens to be probably the most iconic rally car of all time, the Lancia Stratos.
    One of my lasting memories is from the mid 70’s, when as a 10 year old in love with cars, my late father took me to watch the Lombard RAC rally as it passed through Clipstone and other local forests. The sight and probably more importantly the sound of the works Lancia Stratos struck me deeply as the Italian machines seemed to be from a different universe compared to the 3 box saloons that made up most of the field. Although a Stratos never won an RAC Rally it still is a firm favourite on these shores and the efforts of Steve Perez to run one on UK classic rallies in recent years has been much appreciated by fans.
    It’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever get to own a Stratos other than the 1/18th scale model that sits on my bookcase however the sight and as previously mentioned the sound of the real thing still gives me pleasure 40 or so years later.

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