Improve Your Rearward Visibility With A Rear View Camera

Among the few carryovers that cars today inherit from motorcars of 100 years ago is the rearview mirror. It’s pretty straightforward… One slender and lengthy slab of glass, ensures you get a good view out the back. Either for reversing, maneuvering about, or wanting to see the fellow that’s behind you, it’s a handy and much under-appreciated tool. But, could it evolve?

Well, one of the most popular aftermarket mods that are appearing on the market today is the digital rearview camera. Their functionality is simple… Instead of having a piece of glass that could easily be obscured, why not replace it with a camera and a screen? Essentially, the goal of a rearview mirror camera is to improve visibility, without fearing any obstructions to get in your way.

If you own a Tesla – specifically, a Tesla Model 3 (2016 to 2022 model years) or a Tesla Model Y – Hansshow has the right solution for you. Their latest auto dimming rear view mirror might be a tad pricey for some. But, it’s also one of the best and most robust solutions that you can get if you need a better view out. And, want something of a higher quality than most other products.

One of its hallmark features is the fairly wide-angle view of what’s behind your car. It handily helps you with reducing rearward blind spots. Furthermore, it could even allow you a better view out with more visibility compared to the default mirrors. And, with it being a camera, it will no doubt help to alleviate you needing to peer around obstructions that get in the way.

If you compare this with the original Tesla rearview mirror and the dashboard screen display, which Tesla offers in their system, this rearview mirror has defogging function, a wider view and a much clearer image quality which gives you a better reason to buy this product instead.

Gone are the days that you have to worry about rainy days or snowy days. It can offer you the best HD images on the screen which is better than the original – especially during night time.

A (Much) Better View Out

Plus, there are other benefits to Hansshow’s auto dimming rear view mirror compared to the old-school glass mirrors. For starters, you can get a super crisp and clear view of what lies in the rear of your car. As such, you won’t have to twist your head left or right to look past the seat headrests or get blindsided by your Tesla’s rear pillars. It’s certainly a neat gadget to have.

Moreover, the display itself is also pretty good. It’s a 9-inch screen, so you should have more than enough screen real estate to look through. Combined with the 1080p HD rear-mounted camera, the visuals are pretty sharp. On top of that, Hansshow has coated the display with a 2.5D glass cover, ensuring that you won’t get excessive amounts of glare and reflections, especially from light.

For added convenience, it comes with an auto-dimming feature, as well. This is thanks to the pair of light sensors housed within the display unit. So, if you’re driving during the day or at night, the screen should adaptively alter the brightness in real-time. With anti-glare treatment and minimal screen delays, it shouldn’t be all too tiring or distracting to look at it, too.

The Hansshow rearview mirror camera is a decent bit of kit for $489.00. For the clarity that it offers through the live image feed, it’s certainly worth the upgrade if you’re regularly driving your Tesla quite a bit. The installation process is relatively simple if you have the tools and the patience to do it. It begins by disassembling the old, standard rear-view mirror.

Then, plug in a power cable for the display, as well as run the connecting and power cables through to the rear (you can read the in-depth installation manual here). The former isn’t just to stream the live feed from the camera. But, it’ll also tell the camera to pivot up and down if you need a clearer view. It otherwise sits neatly by your license plate.

Or, if you want Hansshow to install it for you, customers can contact their website directly. They can offer an installation service in California, USA.

If you’re getting one, consider using the code “MOTORV25” to get a 25% discount.


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