Common Faults Experienced with Car Keys

Buying a car is one of the biggest investments one can make. While you can acquire a car for commercial purposes, you can also get it for personal use. Besides, using public transport can be inconvenient sometimes, especially if you reside far from your workplace. However, failure to have a functioning digital fob or car key can limit you from starting or accessing the car.

Thus, this will render the vehicle useless, inflicting frustration and inconvenience on the owner. As a garage owner or vehicle technician, you will likely interact with car issues, such as stolen or lost keys. Again, the increased digitization of car keys has unleashed a new list of potential problems when dealing with car keys. The common faults experienced with car keys include the following.

A Wobbly or Loose Key Blade

Even though some vehicles’ doors can be unlocked using a remote control, some cars will still need a key blade to activate the ignition switch. Usually, these blades are made to be strong to avoid bending or breakage. However, constant usage of these keys may cause the blade to loosen from the fob, thus preventing it from fitting properly into the ignition opening. This problem is especially common in most recent car models. This is because the key blades are usually intended for emergencies only, and the blade’s design is less central. 

Transponder Chip Failure

Most modern keys contain hidden transponder chips in the key fob’s plastic casing. If the transponder fails, it fails the entire car as it cannot move. This problem will have features like a car dashboard displaying a warning message or an unresponsive fob like that with depleted batteries. Additionally, a transponder failure may happen following issues such as exposure to extreme temperatures, flat key fob battery, water ingress, or impact damage.

Worn Out Remote Buttons

Pressing remote buttons to unlock a car provides one of the most convenient and easiest car ignition methods. Fortunately, these remotes have become popular with increased technology. Nevertheless, a combination of impact damage and overuse can lead to the buttons wearing out over time. This will require the motorist to press them harder to get a response from the fob. On the other hand, the excessive pressure subjected to the delicate internal remote components might result in full fob failure. 

Battery Failure

Every key fob battery requires to be replaced after a particular period. Typically, you will start experiencing various warning signs indicating battery life depletion. These signs include a dashboard displaying a low battery message or difficulty when opening a vehicle. Various car models will require a different approach to this issue. For instance, some cars’ plastic housing with batteries cannot be opened, while some require reprogramming of the fob for batteries to be changed. Therefore, you need to know your car well for the best solution.

Trouble looking for a car key replacement? Of course, you will need to identify the best dealer who can deliver up to your expectations. If you own a Ford, worry no more. You can check out the online Ford key replacement services for the best and most professional deals.


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