How to keep your car dust free

Let’s take a second to think about all the dangers that our vehicles face on a daily basis. Rain and other weather conditions, falling branches, other drivers (of course), mud, and a slew of other elements that are out of our control. But one of the invisible dangers that our vehicles face that are not as easily spottable as a hailstorm or a bad driver is dust.

Those tiny air particles seem innocuous at first and nothing but a minor nuisance. But allow for too much dusk to cover the exterior and interior of your vehicle and you may face several problems. Dust, though harmless in small quantities, can find its way into the inner workings of your vehicle and can even get into the engine. This is not very problematic at first, but give it some time and you’ll face some serious car maintenance issues.

Here are some accessories that can help you protect your vehicle from dust buildup and help you avoid future maintenance problems. 

Vacuum Cleaner

Deep cleaning your vehicle’s interior should be a regular step in your car care routine. However, you shouldn’t have to wait for a scheduled cleaning service to get rid of dust from the inside of your car. If you regularly leave your vehicle parked in a dense and dusty city or drive through a dry area with your windows open, chances are you have a ton of dust hiding in your car.

Having a car vacuum cleaner on hand allows you to clean out this dust easily, limiting its buildup, and keeping the interior air crisp. Make a habit of vacuuming the interior of your vehicle after leaving it parked outside the office or cleaning it out after returning from your camping trip. 

So keep a car vacuum cleaner among your car interior accessories and ensure that the surfaces and air on the inside of your car will stay clean. It’s a very effective method of reducing dust buildup, keeping the interior clean and cozy for yourself and your passengers. 

Cleaning Gel

Dust rags and vacuums are great for keeping your car surfaces dust-free. But what about those hard-to-reach places, like in the seams of your dashboard or the AC vents? There’s a lot of dust hiding in those areas, dust that you and your passengers will be breathing. In these cases, use one of those cleaning gels that mold and adapt to whatever hole, crevice, nook, and cranny that you are cleaning.

The cleaning gel can get into the tighter corners of your car. The dust adheres to the sticky surface of the gel, making the car interior cleaning process much simpler and faster. Brushes also work great for tight spaces, but they tend to simply blow the dust into the air as opposed to collecting it. The gel, on the other hand, collects all the dust, instead of simply moving it from one surface to another.

Keep one of these cleaning gels on hand in case you need to quickly clean out the AC vents, dashboard, and other tighter spaces in your car to get rid of all that pesky dust. 

Dust-Proof Car Cover

You’ve probably seen car collectors who drape a car cover over their luxury vehicles. This shouldn’t make you think that car covers exist to exclusively protect rare and expensive cars. Dust-proof car covers are widely available on the market for regular use. 

Even parked inside a well-furnished and air-tight garage, cars are exposed to dust. So, if you think your garage is enough to protect your vehicle, you may want to rethink that. Indoor car covers have a tightly woven mesh that protects the vehicle’s exterior, and, consequently, interior, from dust buildup. The weave prevents dust particles from getting through the material, thus keeping the car’s surface dust-free.

Dust-proof car covers are especially useful in dry areas with a lot of dust, where the air is full of dirt and dust particles that settle on just about any surface. By draping a car cover over your vehicle, you limit its exposure to such air particles and protect it from the elements. This leaves your car clean both on the outside and inside, limiting or even outright preventing dust buildup.


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