Why Drive Electric? 6 Reasons

Electric vehicles are kicking up a storm in the automotive market. Sales are increasing exponentially, year after year, and carmakers that are able to keep up with the trend are seeing massive growths in their underlying valuations. 

But why are people choosing to drive electric en masse? Let’s take a look. 

Clean Up The Environment

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Regular cars produce pollution at every stage of the production cycle. It’s not just driving your vehicle that’s a problem. It’s also all the processes that went into making it, all the way back to original raw material extraction. 

Electric cars tend to have greener supply chains. Furthermore, they undermine the fossil fuel distribution system, a hazardous and environmentally dangerous set of activities that are a major driver of the climate issue. 

Electric cars also mean cleaner air and better respiratory health. Cities without vehicles burning fuel would have similar levels of fresh air to nature. 

Have More Fun

High-performance gasoline-powered vehicles are expensive. That’s because the engineering that goes into making them is extreme. Car makers have to use expensive materials able to withstand tight engine tolerances and accommodate their performance characteristics.

With electric cars, though, construction is far simpler. Electric engines tend to be extremely powerful, even if they cost comparatively little. Plus, they don’t need to cycle through gears while accelerating, boosting their performance even more. 

Get Additional Safety Features

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Electric vehicles tend to have more chassis space for safety features, making them ideal for anyone looking to stay safe. Currently, many conventional car owners wind up going to vehicle accident claim lawyers, either because of crashes on the road, or problems with their vehicles. 

Electric vehicles, though, provide access to the latest safety features. Many companies let their customers download safety updates that change the real-world performance of the vehicle. 

Lower Maintenance Costs

Electric vehicles have lower maintenance costs because they use fewer moving parts. Unlike conventional ICE vehicles, they don’t require regular oil changes, new spark plugs, or filters. Instead, most parts survive a long time because they don’t need to move while the engine is in operation. Electric vehicle makers attempt to reduce the number of moving parts to a minimum to prevent wear and tear in the future. EVs could last an average of a million miles, making them a car for life. 

Lower Fuel Costs

Charging an electric vehicle isn’t free, but it is considerably cheaper than filling it up at the gas station. Estimates suggest that it costs between 10 and 30 percent of the cost of a regular ICE vehicle to get full range, depending on where you live. The higher the regular fuel costs are in your area, the more you’ll save. 

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Get Money Off
Lastly, you may be able to get money off the purchase price of a new EV, depending on where you live. Federal tax credits, ranging from $2,500 to $7,500 could be available, depending on where you want to drive. You might also be able to benefit from clean vehicle rebate projects if you are from a low income household.


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