All about 5th Wheel Hitches

Among traditional systems of towing weights behind trucks with shaky reliability, 5th wheel hitches brought a revolution by forwarding a sense of reliability and security. This towing system designed for medium to heavy weight towing is a great improvement over the traditional towing bar which uses the bumper towing to pull weights which often results in accidents. On the other hand, a 5th wheel hitch places the load of the truck near the rear axle of the truck which gives the whole setup great stability. For trailers with weights in tons, the 5th wheel hitch system is found to be much more reliable than its contemporaries. 

The hitches vary in size and towing capacity ranging from 15000 up to 30000 pounds within safe limits. To ensure the correct working of the hitch, it has to be installed in the correct position on the truck bed with screws tightly screwed. It is important because the balance and the pulling capacity of the trailer depending on the correct installation of the hitch.

Advantages of a 5th Wheel Hitch

The advantages of a 5th wheel hitch are numerous the foremost being its ability to tow greater weights than standard hitches. Moreover, having a fifth wheel hitch enables the driver greater maneuverability while on the read in contrast to the often limited movement provided by traditional options. As the traditional hitches are attached to the bumper, the chances of breaking away are way greater than with a 5th wheel hitch that anchors to the truck bed near the rear axle. 

Another great advantage of a 5th wheel hitch is its durability. Its proved by countless instances that these hitches have the ability to stand the test of time. 

Essential Installation Tips

A 5th wheeler hitch installation can be done by yourself if you have the right tools but some points have to be taken care of. For one, go for a hitch installation kit for your truck model. Using a universal kit may lead to complications that can be avoided by using a specialized kit. Don’t forget to consult your manual for additional help. Another important tip is to never attach the fifth wheel to the back of the truck. Keeping a distance of a few inches is always advisable. Always include the height setting in your measurements. Before drilling the holes, carefully calibrate the position of the railings. While installing the hitch, keep your truck bed safe from scratches. After the installation of the rails, take great care in ensuring that the hitch is lined up with the front and rear rails. After all, is done, double-check that the bolts are tightened and the hitch is secured.

How much does a 5th Wheel Hitch Cost?

Having a 5th wheel hitch has numerous advantages as the above portion has suggested but you have to keep your budget in mind before all of it. The hitch itself will cost somewhere between $500 and $800 but there are two factors to consider here. If you hire a professional to install the hitch, the cost will run upwards of $1500. On the other hand, installing it yourself can save you some bucks, which is not too difficult with the right tools.


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