The Unique 2018 McLaren P1 GTR with Marlboro Livery

For many, three-time World Champion Ayrton Senna, is the greatest racing talent the world has even seen. When one recalls his skills, particularly in the wet, as well as his personality and the success he found driving for McLaren, it is easy to see why.

No wonder then, to pay tribute on the 30th anniversary of Senna’s first F1 title, McLaren finished work on a unique, track-focused car in response to a commission from a McLaren collector and dedicated Senna fan: the astonishing car presented here. Its creation, described as ‘a labour of love, a landmark achievement’ by Managing Director of McLaren Special Operations Ansar Ali, was undertaken by the McLaren Special Operations division and took three years to complete.

2018 McLaren P1 GTR Marlboro livery

This unique GTR model, based on the McLaren P1 hypercar, has been christened Beco, Ayrton’s nickname, by its owner and with the full blessing of N Õ Senna’s family. As you might expect in a tribute to such a legendary driver and marque, this supercar has special touches both decorative and functional. The bodywork has been finished in Marlboro racing livery (Rocket Red and Championship White) and has been painted onto the carbon fibre bodywork rather than the common method of simply using stickers. The application of the livery meant that some 800 man-hours was spent on the bodywork alone. On the inside of the driver’s door is one of Senna’s famous quotes: “I am not designed to finish 2nd or 3rd, I am designed to win”. There are also ’12’ emblems, his race number from his first championship-winning year,1988, on the car’s nose and rear wing, plus the Marlboro barcode underneath the Brazilian flag. Further touches include the Alcantara steering wheel colour-matched to that in Senna’s famous MP4/4, plus unique racing seats specially built for the car.

2018 McLaren P1 GTR Marlboro livery

The driver of this GTR also receives a unique crash helmet matched to the car.

The P1 GTR’s 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 hybrid engine has been taken out to a full 4-litres for this car, and tuned to produce more than 1000bhp.

Most importantly, several unique aerodynamic features produce as much as 800kg of downforce.

Breathtakingly fast, with active aerodynamics and a race-active chassis, the Beco is not road legal.

An exhilarating on-track experience capable of well over 200mph, a fine tribute to the skills of the MSO designers and Ayrton Senna, who said: “We are made of emotions, we are all looking for emotions, it’s only a question of finding the way to experience them…”

Bravo to McLaren and this cars owner on making a truely exceptional and unique car. We applaud you.

2018 McLaren P1 GTR


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