Common Reasons for Failing an MOT Test

If your car is three years of age, then you will need to start putting it in for an annual MOT inspection. However, doing so is no guarantee of success because your car should be properly maintained at all times to ensure it is in a good enough condition to be on the road. That’s why servicing and MOTs often make sense if they’re conducted close to one another. Head over to Elite MOTs London Autocentre for the best prices in town. In the meantime, what are the most common reasons for cars to fail their tests? Read on to find out.
Lighting Failures
It is amazing just how many cars fail their MOTs because their owners have failed to detect an inoperable light. It isn’t just headlamps that your car can fail its MOT with, either. You should make sure the fog light, reversing lamp and brake lights are all functioning as well as your indicators. Often, it is just a question of replacing a blown light bulb.
Tyre Failures
Tyres fail for lots of different reasons. Not that many are completely bald but even one section of tread that is worn down below the legal threshold is enough for it to fail. As well as worn down tread, tyres will fail their MOT inspection if they have cracks or bulges in their sides. This is a sign of rubber degradation and means the tyre in question should be replaced immediately.
License Plate Problems
About one-seventh of all MOT failures occur because of an incorrect car license plate. Sometimes, people fit ones that don’t conform to the standard but it is just as likely that it will be a damaged plate that cannot be read properly will result in a failure. If the little lamp that illuminates your plate is damaged, then this can also cause a problem so make sure this is working before you take your car in to be inspected.
Windscreen Wiper Faults
You might not think of your windscreen wipers when you put your car in for its yearly MOT but these devices will be inspected. The ability to see clearly out of your car is important for safety so your windscreen will be checked for cracks as well as how well it can be wiped. If the wipers have a misaligned or have worn down rubber, then this will result in an MOT failure. 


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