Hennessey’s Six-Wheel-Drive 2,400 HP Supercar

When you hear the name Hennessey what do you think of? Modified muscle cars with 1000 hp, the worlds-fastest supercars and insane 6×6 Ford Raptors. Yes, the performance maniacs from Texas managed to become famous all over the world for their unusual creations packed with power and insane performance. Do you want a Cadillac Escalade with 800 hp, diabolical 0 to 60 mph times, and a factory warranty? You came to the right place.

However, even though the Hennessey Performance is the octane heaven all of us dream of, they are still well aware of changes in the car industry and looking towards the future of performance cars. That future is silent, powered by electricity, obnoxiously powerful and fast. So, after decades of burning excessive amounts of petrol and turning it into hypercar-beating performance, John Hennessey is turning to pure electricity for his next big project. And what a project it is!

Project Deep Space

In his recent interview, John Hennessey revealed his plans for an insane and all- new hypercar called Deep Space. It is a diamond shape vehicle with a streamlined design, central driving position and three more seats in the cabin. It will have six wheels, each powered by one electric engine with a combined output of 2,400 hp! The introduction is planned for 2026, and the predicted price will be around $3 million. Hennessey also stated that no more than 105 copies would be built. Even though we don’t know anything more, Hennessey provided the automotive community with two sketches and a little bit of insight.

The Configuration

John Hennessey stated that he is a big fan of electric vehicles primarily due to their insane acceleration and abundance of torque. However, he didn’t like the enormous weight that limits their cornering abilities. The weight is something that, at the moment, cannot be avoided, so his team of engineers went in a different direction. If they can’t make a light electric supercar, why not make an excellent luxury GT supercar where excessive weight is tolerated? This idea opened a lot of new possibilities. First, the cabin and strictly two-seater vehicle, Deep Space grew to 4 seats with the central driving position. The three remaining seats are envisioned like in a private jet where occupants will enjoy the utmost comfort and luxury.

But even more interesting than the interior design is the 6-wheel concept. Very few vehicles in the history of motoring had such a layout. Yes, it is pretty common on off-road models such as Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 or some military vehicles, but only a couple of ill-fated designs had such features in the supercar arena. Cars like Covini C6W, Panther 6 or even legendary F1 race car Tyrell P34 all had six wheels with four wheels mounted at the front for better steering. However, Deep Space has four wheels behind the passengers, which is an even more attractive solution. Hennessey realised that one of the biggest problems when having 2,400 hp on tap is how to transmit them to the ground since the torque is enormous and traction is limited. By fitting the four wheels in the back and heavy batteries on top of them, the traction is double what the other similar cars have. If we know that electric vehicles are known for their unique ability to mobilise maximum torque instantly, then the acceleration is only limited by the traction. Having four massive rear tires guarantees traction, and so is the insane acceleration figures.

Interestingly, due to the specific layout, need for big batteries, and Hennessey’s plan to provide the vehicle with ample boot and interior space, the upcoming hypercar from Texas will be pretty long and wide. The long-wheelbase will give it a comfortable ride, and it looks like John Hennessey slightly abandoned its characteristic and insane hot rod approach in favour of making an executive, high-speed, low-flying private jet powered by electricity.

The Power And Performance

In a world of modern EVs, having a 400 hp electric motor is nothing new or particularly special. However, having six of those powering each wheel is. Even though the 1,000 hp ratings are somewhat common in the electric supercar category, 2,400 hp of combined power is still an incredible figure. There is no information about the size of the battery pack or range. Still, Hennessey states that the range will be longer than the current supercars. We can expect a battery pack similar to the upcoming Tesla Roadster, which supposedly has a 200 kWh battery capacity. As expected, there aren’t any speculations of performance, but we can expect that Deep Space will be slightly faster than Rimac Nevera or Lotus Evija. Hennessy even claims that this could be the fastest four-seater in the world with a top speed of over 200 mph.

What Is Next?

Although Deep Space only exists in virtual form and so far, only two drawings have been released, the first car has been sold! Customer #1 is a Hennessey collector who already owns the F5 supercar and agrees to pay the asking price when shown the pictures and details. Knowing Hennessey’s reputation as a company has in the performance car market, we are sure that a few more wealthy clients might be interested in doing the same and securing its place on the waiting list for this remarkable machine. For the rest of us, there is nothing more to do than wait for the 2026 release and further details about this extraordinary car.


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