Must-Have Upgrades and Mods For Fall 2021

Driving your truck on the highway or around town does not provide the same exhilaration as shredding an off-road trail. Trucks were designed to travel on roads unfit for other vehicles, but sometimes, the factory-installed equipment is not up to the task. When you go four-wheeling often, your truck takes considerable abuse. You can improve your vehicle’s handling, durability and service life by modifying the truck with premium aftermarket parts. Whether you need nerf bars or upgraded brakes, you can find everything you need at a quality online aftermarket parts dealer.

4D Number Plates (License Plates)

For those in the UK, adding a set of 4D number plates to your car is an easy aesthetic upgrade. 4D plates are a new & trending license plate style with raised digits made of gloss black acrylic. Rather than being printed, the digits are bonded to the surface of the plate using a high-strength adhesive.

These premium plates have become very popular, especially in the car scene. They can be customized with flags and borders and are available in several sizes. They can also be affixed using self-adhesive strips, giving your vehicle the visual overhaul it craves.

Best Accessories For Your Truck

Upgrading your truck for all-terrain driving can make your driving experience more enjoyable and minimize trips to the repair shop. Driving over rough landscapes puts additional stress on your vehicle’s suspension, components and frame, but you can install these modifications to protect your truck.

Seat Covers and Floor Mats

The interior of your vehicle can look rough after a few days of off-roading or camping. You can protect your seats with all-weather seat covers that have extra pockets to store your gear, and you can purchase custom floor mats that can withstand mud, water, oil and debris.


Durable suspension is crucial for four-wheeling, and your worn-out factory-installed suspension components cannot offer the support and durability required for brutal terrain. Replace your struts, leaf springs or suspension components to improve ride height, enhance handling and maintain proper tire wear.

Lift Kits

The great outdoors can damage your undercarriage when you have low clearance, but you can install a lift kit that raises your truck to overcome any obstacle. Lift kits give you additional clearance and allow you to add larger off-road tires. Most kits include suspension upgrades and bolt-on components to simplify the installation process.


Replacing your auto brakes with upgraded components can give you more control and improved braking power when you’re sliding down an embankment or navigating through a mud run. Adding more durable discs and pads extends the life of the brakes and provide a safer off-road experience.

Nerf Bars

After raising your truck with a lift kit, you can install nerf bars to provide additional support when you’re entering the cabin. Nerf bars are available in several different step configurations, colors and lengths. Most bars are between three and five feet long.


If you’re planning on taking your truck off the grid for an overlanding adventure, you’ll need some reliable gear for the unpredictable outdoor environment. Pick up an overlanding tent that attaches to the roof, an off-road bumper or auxiliary lighting.

Investing In A Tonneau Cover

Installing a tonneau cover on your vehicle can secure your bed’s contents, improve your aerodynamics and keep dirt and debris out of the bed. When you’re transporting valuable equipment or making multiple stops during a shopping trip, the cover conceals the vehicle’s contents from prying eyes. The rear of the truck collects water easily when it’s exposed to the elements, and a tonneau cover provides all-weather protection and protects the bed from rust and corrosion.

Tonneau covers are available in several hard top and soft-top configurations. Hard tops are more durable and provide more security for the bed’s contents, but soft tops are less expensive and simple to install.

When you’re ready to shop for premium upgrades, visit a qualified online distributor. After modifying your ride, you can test out your upgrades by ripping up the trails of your favourite off-road spot.


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One thought on "Must-Have Upgrades and Mods For Fall 2021"

  • Karlo says:

    I bought a retractable tonneau cover from 4wheelonline to protect my belongings from the prying eyes. A bit pricey but I consider it as a good investment because of the cargo security it provides.

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