5 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With The Car

Just because buying a new vehicle isn’t on the cards, that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the joys of happy driving. By giving more attention to your vehicle, it will be possible to upgrade your enjoyment behind the wheel.

So what are the best ways you can enhance your relationship with the vehicle? Here’s all you need to know.

#1. Stay on top of maintenance

When the car doesn’t perform as it should, driving becomes far less enjoyable. Bumpy rides are often met by increased running costs. Therefore, staying on top of simple issues like topping up fluids and keeping the tyres pumped is key. When more significant issues surface, sending the car to an MOT garage is advised. Aside from getting the works completed, it ensures that the repairs are built with passing MOTs in mind. So it can save you from a nasty surprise down the line.

#2. Keep the car clean

It’s very easy to let a car become dirty on the outside and cluttered on the inside. While it may seem like a relatively small issue, it can have a huge impact on your relationship with the vehicle. Taking it to the car wash on a regular basis is advised. Meanwhile, knowing how to clean and disinfect the vehicle gives you the chance to make it feel brand new at any given time. Besides, you may feel self-conscious when passengers enter a vehicle that has not been kept tidy and organised.

#3. Personalise it

Creating a sense of belonging when inside the car can make a world of difference to your mindset. In short, a little personalisation goes a long way and it can be achieved through a range of upgrades. Adding parking sensors or a dashcam may make the care feel more modern. Meanwhile, there are plenty of performance adjustments that can be considered. From adjusting the driving height to adding a spoiler, the key is to do what feels right for you. Always take the time to analyse the project before completing it, though. A bad decision would damage the bond further.

#4. Make it cheaper

The costs of driving are easily the worst part of car ownership. So, if you can reduce the ongoing costs, you should. Finding cheaper insurance can be as easy as changing plans or insurer. Or it may mean taking an advanced driving course. Further tips can include combining multiple trips into one or taking heavy items out of the boot. Finding better roadside recovery packages is another money-saving endeavour. You’ll have more money to enjoy other life aspects too.

#5. Take more enjoyable trips

If you’ve fallen out of love with the vehicle, it might not be due to the car. It may simply be a case of boredom. The commute to work is hardly exciting while school runs and grocery shopping trips are no better. So, taking a road trip or a track day could be one of the easiest ways to renew your love of driving and the car. You will cherish those memories regardless of whether you do them alone or with loved ones. When supported by the steps above, your positive thoughts towards driving should return.


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