Some Interesting Facts About Car Tyres

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We may take them for granted, but tyres are possibly the most important component in the entire vehicle. While you may know about tyre replacement or tyre maintenance, following are some of the facts that you didn’t know about these rubber items!

1. Tyre Aging Is a Real Thing!

While you may be religiously following your tyre maintenance regime, they will still age. Heat and sunlight can cause your tyre rubber to deteriorate over time, therefore as important as it is to keep a check on your tyre pressure or look after your wheel alignment, it’s also important to keep an eye on the age of your tyres.

2. Tyre Valves Are Important

What many of us do not know is that tyre valve is crucial for every vehicle. It holds a significant place in maintaining accurate tyre pressure and should be changed whenever new tyres are fitted. Valve caps are also equally important as they protect the valves from water, grit and dust. Therefore, make sure you have them sealed over the valves.

3. Car Tyres are Naturally White! – Would you believe that?

The natural color of rubber is white; however, the black color is actually a by-product of adding carbon to the rubber. Carbon was later replaced by silica by many manufacturers as it helped in improving the grip on wet roads. However, the color still remained black due to some perks that came along with it. For instance, black color is able to withstand dirt and complements cars of different colors.

4. Using Tyres of the Same Brand – It’s important!

Some people opt to buy tyres of different brands, they tend to mix up cheap and premium car tyres. Please note that this could cause a threat to your safety on road. Buying tyres of the same brand, quality and size will increase your tyre’s grip on different road conditions and offer better handling – ensuring your safety. If you don’t want to spend too much on your tyres, there are multiple tyre points you can shop from, under your budget and online! For readers looking for a trusted local tyre shop in Basingstoke, visit Headley Tyres. They are fast, professional and affordable!


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